App Review: Snaptee – let Yoda adorn all your clothes

Alex Walls
May 29, 2013

T shirt design – Snaptee

Snaptee Ltd

Free on Apple iOS

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Snaptee, the app which allows you to design your own t-shirt, may be the ticket for the aspiring designer in you, who longs for  Orlando Bloom  to wear your shirt  at world premieres thanks to its witty sayings and minimalist graphics.

That, or your inner geek who wants to adorn said shirts with Yoda, Gollum or your favourite phrase from that series that one time (“quote’d“).

Snaptee is very easy to use – just add text, a photo or take a picture and it will be displayed on a t-shirt, and we mean a big, baggy-looking t-shirt.  There don’t appear to be any options for different types of shirt, for instance baby doll for girls, which is lame; I don’t really wear a lot of t-shirts except when running and I’m not so dedicated to my fitness that I’ll order a runnin’ shirt special-like.Vera tshirt

At any rate, you can enter text or choose a random quote with sub categories like ‘Life Questions’ or ‘Happiness’ (hint: don’t choose a random quote, you get things like ‘Doubt kills more dreams then failure ever will’ and ‘You think big, you get big’.  Although Happiness quotes did turn out some appealing options like ‘Our baby boy is now a…baby girl?! Hahahaha! Nephew cute fun family family time happiness’.  I’m assuming these are translation problems from the shared t-shirts of other users but I’m really, really hoping the designer just had a bad day).  There’s a range of colours, font type, size and position options as well as the option to add text and a picture, or just a picture if you wish.

You can choose the design of the main feature (in a circle, broken up into abstract view, in a triangle etc) on the shirt.  Once finished, your design is saved to your locker, where you can either order it for $US19.99 including shipping and handling, change it or share it with various social media options.

You can also choose to allow other users to ‘remix’ or redesign your work, or publish your design and try to sell it to others on the Snaptee network (the app will ask for your first and last name, email and phone number).

This is a really neat idea and it can be fun playing around with various images and quotes to come up with your favourite t-shirt.  But the lack of options in terms of type of shirt, the colour of shirt (you get white), the options of where to place your image and text, and the cost of a shirt, all mean I’m not exactly leaping to buy anything from this app, nor use it after the first few shirts have been created.

Improvements such as different types of shirt and colour, wrapping text around images and allowing images to wrap around various parts of the body (such as around the waist) would be fun to see and allow more creativity in those who are design-minded.

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