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Perry Limbocker
March 20, 2019

Shopify is famous for being an e-commerce platform that online stores and retailers use to sell off items. This platform allows anyone to sign up and sell whatever they want as long as the company regulations permit it. Shopify was created to solve the problem that online retailers used to encounter which was the lack of e-commerce platforms.

Shopify was designed to solve the problems of an everyday retailer concerned with selling his wares. Therefore, anyone can own a store on Shopify so long as the person meets the requirements.

The Shopify platform was created to enable easy sales for small scale to large scale entrepreneurs. Using Shopify, you can sell physical items, digital items, and even services and consultations. Memberships, classes, and even tickets can also be sold on Shopify. Shopify provides you with a platform to sell a wide range of items.

Why You Would Need to Reach Shopify Store Owners

There are several reasons for wanting to reach out to e-commerce store owners. Your business might be designed to work with e-commerce store owners. You might aim to build a type of community that not only gives you the much-needed mentorship, example, and advice. Also provides for you the right sort of motivation and inspiration. If you are a supplier or can assist in their chain of commerce, reaching Shopify store owners can seem challenging and prove difficult. Especially if you are new to the business.

Ways of Reaching Shopify Store Owners

€¢ Explore Online Communities

While this might seem obvious, an online e-commerce community gives you insight and knowledge as to how things work for Shopify store owners. This platform teaches how they interact, what pressing issues they face, what challenges might be and gives you a platform to strike up a conversation with a Shopify store owner. Different store owners have different media platforms where they spend a lot of time, either reading or blogging. Narrowing down this information gives your business an edge and creates an opportunity for you to find your tailored crowd. Social Media Examiner and Digital Marketer are good examples of this.

€¢ Search on Facebook

While social media’s savviest people might be slowly moving away from Facebook, it remains the most business-friendly app. Facebook gives your business the best platform and resource to find the Shopify store owners you are interested in connecting with or doing business with.

Not only does Facebook give you the opportunity to reach Shopify store owners directly and bypass any middle man. It also provides you with demographic statistics that can allow you specifically narrow down your search.

€¢ Search For Specific Tools or Services

Shopify stores owners have specific products, services or tools that they use. These tools usually make running their Shopify stores more comfortable, and this means that a lot of time would be spent around them. Narrow down the tools, services or products that the targeted store owners use. You can use this information as a resource in finding them. Some of these tools and services include AWeber, GetResponse and Kissmetrics.

€¢Mentors and Motivators

E-commerce store owners are known to frequently listen to and follow sure mentors in the business or motivators that are dedicated to driving them to be better at what they do. Find out who the person your target audience follows more and use this information to attract your targeted Shopify store owners. Store owners are currently obsessed with people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel and Russell Brunson.

€¢ Make Tailored Ads

Compiling all your researched information you have gathered on the preferences of Shopify store owners, create ads that will attract them and appeal to their top choices and preferences. Use this medium to narrow down your audience and who is drawn explicitly to your ads.

To achieve a well-balanced system, you can include different attraction factors in various ads. Combine several of the factors listed above while creating multiple ads as an attraction for e-commerce store owners.

€¢ Assess Your Data

Gather data from the different ads you have created and faithfully monitor the responses you receive. The responses received will allow you to narrow down which of the combination of factors are preferred. You might have to do this more than once before you find the perfect combination. You can also ensure that you work on making alternative combinations available.

€¢ Try Again and Again

There is every possibility that you might not find your specific audience as Shopify store owners during your first try. Dedication to the outcome would push you to keep combining several factors and conditions. You can also create ads that suit one particular aspect like those who follow mentors or those that use a specific tool. Try every possible combination until you have narrowed down your audience.

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