The Most Valuable Global Tech Brands in the World 2019

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March 21, 2019

Amazon is the world’s most valuable tech brand and is worth over $187 billion.

South Korean brand Samsung has fallen in brand value by 1.1% in the last year.

Chinese brands Huawei and WeChat have grown in value by 63.7% and 126.2%, respectively.

According to Brand Finance, in their report Global 500 2019, a brand should attract custom, build loyalty, motivate staff and make money. After all, huge investments are made in the brand design, launch, and ongoing promotion. Considering the potential financial value of a strong and successful brand, like Amazon, this makes sense.

Interested in exploring brand value in added detail, British marketplace analysed the Global 500 report to discover the 8 most valuable tech brands in the world 2019.

In number one place is multinational tech company Amazon, with a brand value of $187,905 billion. In the last year, Amazon grew by nearly 25%; over $30 billion more than Apple ($153,634 billion; a 5% change on 2018.)

In third place is Google ($142,755 billion; a 18.1% change on 2018), followed by Microsoft with a brand value of $119,595 and a change of 47.4% on 2018. Outside of the US, South Koreas Samsung lands in 5th place and is worth $91,282 million, falling by 1.1% on 2018 figures. Chinese brands Huawei ($62,278 million) and WeChat ($50,707 million) land in 7th and 8th place. Both have seen remarkable growth on 2018 figures, with Huaweis brand value growing by 63.7% in the last year, whilst WeChats rising by 126.2%.

American brand Facebook fills out the top 8, reaching 6th place, with a brand value of $83,202 million; an 8.7% change on 2018.

*Brand Value is defined as the value of the trademark and associated marketing IP within the branded business.

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