Valentine’s Day: Disconnect to connect

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February 3, 2020

 A third of people in relationships have fallen victim to “screen snubbing”

·      Compare and Recycle is encouraging you to be more connected this Valentine’s Day

The UK’s leading independent mobile phone comparison site Compare and Recycle, is encouraging you to put down your phone this Valentine’s Day and be more present.

Lots of couples blame smartphones for getting in the way of spending time with their partner. Whether it’s social media, gaming, catching up with the news or those time-consuming Whatsapp group chats, we have the tendency to get distracted by our mobile phones whatever the occasion.

A YouGov poll has revealed that a third of people in a relationship have fallen victim to “screen snubbing”, and for those who are on the dating scene, almost one in five (17%) of us have checked our smartphones during a date.

This Valentine’s Day, Compare and Recycle want you to disconnect from technology and reconnect with your partner. Compare and Recycle has shared some useful mobile phone etiquette tips for Valentine’s Day:

Turn off ALL push notifications

Notifications are almost guaranteed to pull you out of the present moment and take you back to the digital world. Imagine if you were on a date and the other person interrupted you mid-conversation to check their phone, you’d probably be writing off any chance of a second date.  Checking your notifications is similar in the sense you are disengaged from listening to your partner.

All phones have the option to turn off push notifications, and it’s very easy to turn them back on once a date is over. On your iPhone, simply go to Settings > Notifications > Swipe up to see a list of apps > Tap on the app you want to stop sending you notifications. Android users will need to navigate to Settings > Tap Apps & Notifications > Notifications. Alternatively, modern devices also offer a ‘do not disturb mode’ that can be scheduled and allows you to temporarily stop alerts, notifications and calls from making sounds or flashing up on your screen

If you need to use your phone, ask for permission


If you need to make a quick phone call, ask your date if it’s ok to check your phone. Just a quick ‘do you mind if I make a quick phone call’ will really go a long way. It shows polite etiquette and that you are appreciative of their time.

Only do this if it’s an emergency. Taking the time out of a date to simply catch up with a friend over a phone call is not going to give the right impression.

Delete ALL social media apps 

Don’t forget that you can delete the distracting apps from your phone to reinstall later, meaning that if you get tempted to check certain accounts, you will have to login via the internet on your device. Deleting social apps will help you resist the urge to scroll through social media. If you are on a date or simply having a chilled night in with your partner, scrolling through social media is addictive, time-consuming and again shows you are disengaged.

An average user spends two hours and thirty-three minutes per day on social media, whether this may be checking in on friends or to simply fill up time. Why not take the time you would normally spend on social media to really engage this Valentine’s Day and enjoy a bit of face-to-face interaction. Matthew Moreton, Managing Director at Compare and Recycle comments: “Mobile phones are calling for our attention 24/7 and we often find ourselves lost in a digital distraction. Phone devices are much smarter and have far more functions than ever before, though it’s important to take a break from your screen this Valentine’s Day and take your phone out of the equation as much as possible. Let’s disconnect and reconnect!”

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