The ultimate gadget gift guide

Jake Holyoak
December 7, 2018

As usual here at The Present Finder we’ve been digging up new and unusual gifts and this week gadgets are a go! We have gadgets to suit all interests, be that technology, fitness, photography, food and so much more. If you’re struggling for inspiration we’ve made it super simple this Christmas with our ‘Ultimate Gadget Guide – just pick a personality and get gifting. Easy!

For the Foodie

Split, pit & scoop – avocado lovers rejoice! This is certainly the most millennial gadget you’ll find on the market this year. The 3 in 1 Avocado Slicer will cut, twist, de-stone and slice your beloved fruit in just a few swift actions. An absolute staple in the modern kitchen, you’ll be able to make a creamy guac or a tasty salad in no time. We don’t stop there if you’re looking for more gadgets these cute huggers will keep your green goodies fresh, or why not grow your own tree with the Avoseedo – all you need is a leftover stone!

For the Tech Head

The latest hi-tech gadget at an incredible price. At only £14.99 this Wireless Phone Charger is not just a novelty gift like some on the market. Tried and tested in-house here at The Present Finder, this nifty, wire-free charger is slick, quick and powerful! With its cool LED glow, it really is the ultimate desk accessory for any techy.

For the Instagram Addict

Know someone that can’t eat their food without snapping a photo first? Someone that always captures that picture-perfect moment? Help take their photography to the next level with this handy 3 in 1 Smartphone Lens. This nifty little gadget lets you interchange between a wide angle, macro and fisheye lens in seconds. Choose your lens, clip over the camera and snap away. For those that really want to up their game this Smart Phone Smart Photography book will help create the perfect portraits, dramatic city shots and stunning landscape shots. From insta-addict to pro photographer in no time!

For the Bike Mad

Introducing the world’s smallest bike rack – the CLUG! This Eurobike award-winning bike rack easily fits into the palm of your hand and lets you store your bike in style. Hang the rack on the wall, roll your bike up and ‘CLUG’ it in€¦ it’s like a hug for your bike. The CLUG comes in three sizes to fit any bike; the Roadie, the Hybrid and the MTB. At only £14.99 it’s the perfect gift for those who live on two wheels.

For the Budding Techies

Inspire young minds and get their creativity flowing with these awesome kits from Tech Will Save Us. These award-winning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) toys are not only educational, but are super fun. The Build Your Own Synth Kit is a gateway to new worlds of music and is perfect for teens (or adults that have always dreamed of becoming the next Daft Punk). All you need is a bit of dexterity, oh€¦ and a 9-volt battery! For younger hands and minds the Electro Dough Kit is a great activity full of colour, lights and sounds. Create shapes and sculptures using conductive dough and bring them to life. Truly inspirational gifts for innovative minds!

For the Doggos

Gadgets don’t just have to be for humans. This adorable Talking Bow Tie for dogs helps your four-legged friend say what he’s really thinking. Attach to your dog’s collar and he’ll charm you into handing over that biscuit or let you know just how much he loves you. With 6 phrases you’ll have plenty of fun surprising your friends and family – just think of the reaction from unsuspecting visitors!

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