Top 6 Useful Gadgets for Students

Alex Green
April 25, 2019

A student’s life can be tiresome where one tries to balance the many subjects and still have a social life. Assignments and projects overwhelm students. However, they can utilize several gadgets to study, research and submit assignments effortlessly.

College life is exhausting; you are not only required to read several books, but you are expected to write many assignments, notes, and tests. This can take a toll on students because they might use all their time studying and neglect other aspects of life like socializing. Technology has developed and revolutionized many sectors of our experiences, and education is one of the biggest beneficiaries. Students can use technology to improve their academic and social lives. Technology simplifies the workload and reminds them of scheduled activities and classes.

The Ultimate Guide: 6 Best Gadgets for Students

Most of the activities are done without any technological help; however, particular gadgets will make your college life more manageable. You get to study relevant material and save time. We have done extensive research and come up with the most useful gadgets for you as listed below.

1. Kindle E-Reader

Kindle is useful for reading novels but did you know that it can be used by students to keep all their notes, research, and course-books in one place? To do this, you need to purchase a Kindle reader or download the app on your Android or IOS, and Mac. One of the advantages of Kindle e-books is that they are cheaper compared to physical books. If you are on a tight budget, you can rent from the library. Literature students can get access to some of the free books. Rental books disappear from your device once the rental period has expired. Renting books on Kindle is convenient compared to borrowing from the physical library where copies could be limited. Students don’t have to buy books during the semester. You also get to store essential essays such as those from EduBirdies.

2. External Hard-Drives

Students are required to do a lot of research and write many assignments and notes – a portable hard-drive is an excellent device to store all your work and keep it safe. Phones, tablets, and laptops have limited space that might require you to delete some items to store new material. However, portable hard-drives provide extra space to store and back-up vital data. External hard-drives offer security for your documents especially if you use the schools’ computers.

3. USB Laptop Bag

Walking around with a laptop is exhausting and makes you a target for mugging. USB laptop bags are slim and lightweight allowing you to move quickly. These backpacks come with cool features such as a USB charging portal which can charge both your phone and other gadgets wherever you go. Other features include an anti-theft compartment and enough space for books, water bottles, and lunch-boxes.

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Whichever college you are in, there is always going to be chaos and noise. It is difficult to find a peaceful place to study; that is when you need noise-canceling headphones. They reduce external noise without replacing it with louder music or sounds which makes it possible to concentrate. Noise-canceling headphones reduce stress by blocking background noises this way students retain what they study.

5. Portable Phone Chargers and Power Banks

Constant research and typing can drain your device; that is why you require a portable charger or a power bank. Some power banks allow you to charge several devices simultaneously such as phones, and tablets. These chargers save you time because you don’t have to look for electric outlets to power your devices. Power banks and portable chargers are not conspicuous to carry; they fit in small space such as pockets, and small backpacks. You don’t have to carry a lot of wires to connect and charge your devices.

6. Desk Lamp

Studying or writing assignments can be challenging when the lighting is insufficient because your eyes strain and you end up getting exhausted. Every student requires a desk lamp to help them concentrate on the work at hand and keep them from other distractions in the room. Desk lamps illuminate your work for better reading and can be moved to positions that are convenient for you. Since these lamps provide different lighting, choose the ones that reduce the strain on your eyes, for example, LED lights.

There are many kinds of desk lamps that can help you study better, for instance, USB lamps that provide a port to charge devices. They are energy saving and compact enough to fit in small rooms.

Smart desk lamps are excellent because the lighting direction is adjustable and some come with USB ports to charge phones and tablets. These lamps are light-weight which makes it easy for students when moving to new rooms or if you have roommates you can store them safely after use.


Students have to study, meet project deadlines and be productive members of the society which can be a lot to handle. However, technology has made it easier for students to have a simple and enjoyable life. Some devices that make it possible to study, store and retrieve course materials effortlessly.

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