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June 10, 2020

As technology advances, it is very clear to see that the use of mobile applications has become an essential part of our lives. These applications are used for various reasons such as communicating with friends and family, attaining the latest news updates, and for entertainment purposes. Studies have shown that there are over two billion people using smartphones in the world. It is clear to see that our mobile phones have become an extension of ourselves.

As so many people have their own smartphones, creating smartphone-friendly apps for your business seems like a good idea. Problem is, there are numerous applications out there, indicating that the competition is going to be very high. However, it should be noted that even with the immense number of applications available for the public to use, there are countless apps out there that are not in use. This is usually due to the lack of business or because the application is not done well.

With all these obstacles in place, how then should you avoid being a victim to them? The shortest answer would be to do a lot of research and have great expertise in mobile app creation. You also have to understand the market that you are entering and ensure that your app fits perfectly in it. Here are a few tips to help guide you through the process. When you’ve finished reading, you can find the perfect App development agency for your business on Sortlist.

Identifying your target audience

Before you start creating your app, you must be fully aware of who you are making this app for. This is the first step to a successful application. This knowledge would help provide you with the necessary information on how to best create the app in a way that would benefit and excite them. This improves your business strategy as well, providing you with information on which platforms to use in order to communicate with them. It would be good to check forum pages to see what your target group is looking for. If possible, create an MVP version of your app as a tester and use the feedback given to improve the app. It is not advisable to have a larger target group in mind. It will only give you more problems to think about. Instead, focus on the smaller group and work on building an app that satisfies them first.

Have a business model

Monetizing apps is a great way to reel in revenue. This can be done through the use of an advertising-based business model. The option of in-app purchases is highly sought after by many business owners. Before deciding on what business model fits your needs, be sure to study what your competitors are doing. This will give you an idea of how you should follow up or it could deter you from choosing that model too. With that being said, not all successful mobile apps have to bring in profits.

Offer value

If your app is able to help users fix a certain issue that they are facing, it is sure to gain a lot of attention. This can even be in the form of mere entertainment. Take Candy Crush, for example, it is a simple game that many people use to relieve stress and have some fun while trying to pass time. Your application should be able to provide your users with benefits. People are not interested in using apps that serve no purpose to them, it would just be taking up space. A good app is able to combine the needs of the customers with the business’ objectives and technological solutions in a smart way.

Focus on the core features of your app

While planning an app can be a fun and creative process, you should never lose yourself in the extra bits. Remember to focus on the core idea of your app. Upon deciding the core feature of your app, find a way to bring it to the front as much as possible that your users are aware of it. This advice is good, especially when you just started. You would not want your app to have too many features that you become too overwhelmed when updates or money needs to be put into the app.

Have a design and development team

How good your product is will depend on the ability, skill, and talent of your team. It is good to have a team that is well versed in their respective areas and can come together to work with you in an effective way, providing you with necessary feedback and suggestions on how to improve the app. Having others to help you will also allow for more ideas to flow, enhancing the over app being created. However, the team must be able to work together and have the same end goal in mind. No one should overshadow the other as it will only create conflict. Make sure that each member of the team knows how the product should look and work as well as the desired benefit you wish to bring to your users.

Maintain high performance

Your app should not be just ‘good enough’. There should always be updates to improve your app to provide your users with the best services and more benefits. Research has shown that two-thirds of mobile users clear their apps at least once a month. You would not want your app to eventually become redundant to your users. As such, ensure that your app is able to perform well in the long run. Fix any problems that occur quickly. This is because users will hold you accountable for any problems that arise while using your app.

Make sure your app is safe

There is nothing more dangerous than having an application that might be a threat to the entire system. As such, make sure that your app is always protected. Having personal information stolen through your own app is not a good sign at all. Ensure that your app has the proper encryption of important and private information data. There should also be a token validation. This means assigning one to each device individually with different expiration times.

Having a successful app takes up a lot of work. Be creative and think about how your app will help your users. It is good to have an experienced developer working with you if you have no technical background. Lastly, be open to criticism and work on whatever feedback is given to you. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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