Survey reveals: Customers want the latest tech – but only from brands they know

Dave Clough
December 7, 2018

According to research conducted by Tappable, A UK mobile app development agency, UK mobile phone consumers are all about the brand name. 66% of consumers opted for well-known brands meaning new tech companies could find it difficult to infiltrate the market and grab their target customer’s attention.

Although 63% of people questioned for the study said that new technology is one of the most important things when selecting a new phone, only 34% of consumers said they would buy a phone from a brand they hadn’t previously heard of. This means that even by investing in the latest innovations in technology, new and emerging mobile brands are likely to struggle.   Looking at the research, the consumers are going to be harder to tap into that they might have initially perceived.

Is New Flexible Phone Technology Ready to Beat This Trend?

It’s been on the horizon for some time and now flexible phones are on the verge of hitting the mainstream market with the announcement of the first ever folding mobile phone. Created by the Californian company, Royole, the FlexiPai has beaten Apple, Samsung and every other well-known phone brand to the mark by announcing its release in China, this October.

This 7.8-inch phone screen can be folded completely in half but it comes at a high-end price point of approximately £1000.

Will a high price point from an unknown brand with the very latest in technological innovation be able to win over the brand-loyal UK consumer market?

Unfortunately, according to Tappable’s study, it’s not looking good. Of those questioned, 40% of consumers said that they had no interest in the folding screen technology. A further 10% said they had never even heard of the initiative, suggesting that rather than being ahead of the tech trend curve themselves, many consumers tend to wait for their favourite brand to announce their “next big thing”.

Are Folding Phones Headed for Failure?

The consumer study proves a serious love for the latest technology from consumers. However, because of their loyalty to their favourite brands, it looks like even the highest level of tech innovation won’t be able to win them over.

However, according to Anthony Kun from Alternative Tech Reports, the new brands are not necessarily fighting a lost cause. Comparing Royole to the successfully growing mobile brands, Huawei and Oppo, he noted their progress in the recent market, saying Royole could do just the same.

Discussing the technology of foldable and flexible phones, Kun said, “It is too early to say whether foldable screens will be a success, however, once apps and websites start utilising the multiple screens, it will become a necessity. Just like a big screen phone. In 2011 many people thought a big screen phone was ridiculous, but fast forward to today and everybody is using them”.

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