New League of Legends Card Game to be released on mobile later this year

Inga Kakulia
February 2, 2020

League of Legends is a world-famous online video game that has only grown in popularity over the years and has one of the most dedicated fanbases. The testament to the player’s loyalty is the fact that back in 2012, the game was the most played PC game in the U.S, Canada, and Europe. Throughout the years as the release of the new game, the League of Legend stayed relevant and maintains its popularity even if sometimes the fresh games can take over the spotlight. League of Legends is one of the most iconic video games of all time and now we will be getting it the Card Game form. The developer behind the original game, Riot Games is behind the card game version, ensuring that the essential qualities of the game translate into the card game as well.

The details of the new game

League of Legends is recognizable worldwide, even with people who don’t necessarily love video games. When something so iconic is the part of the game, it’s likely that more people will engage with and the game will be far more successful than it would have been without this special feature. The game will have the characters from the game appear every now and then while the default set up will feature the heel of the game mimicking its style and graphics.

The game is played in two, one player against the other and each game begins with the 4 cards, randomly selected from the deck. They have the chance to change one out of 4 cards and move on with the game. After this pregame phase is done the players move to get one card each. That will either be the attack token and mana gem. The one with the attack token gets the privilege to strike first while the other has the defense token allowing them to be immune to the attack. The game has some other features as well that will make sure the game itself never gets boring. This sort of a game might seem a bit intimidating but the setup is pretty simple and after a one or two games you should be playing like a pro. The game is free to play and will be released for Windows, iOS, and Android. Even though the game has just dropped, because of the League of Legend reference it already has a lot of players waiting to play and experience it for the first time. The game has a simple set up but is full of interesting twists and turns to keep the player engaged but not overly stressed out.

The rise of the Card Games

When we talk about the emerging industries in entertainment, card games are among the top industries getting their share of attention and popularity these days. Poker, baccarat and online variants of blacjack became one of the most popular sources of entertainment. They are a great way to relax while also enjoying some challenges here. The more simplistic type of entertainment has been getting more popular for the last couple of years and the rise of digital entertainment has a lot to do with it. For the last couple of years, the digital scene as the main source of entertainment has been prevailing and getting the most attention but the digital games were mostly the elaborate, complicated ones that require a lot of commitment. Mostly console games with elaborate plots, just like League of Legends or similar ones were getting most of the attention and gaining popularity. To an extent, this is why the developers weren’t overly concerned with creating card games for the web because these sort of games already had their demographics that was more than happy to play in real life, while they chose to focus on video games to attract new audiences and test the potential of such games and technology.

Online games for the fast 3 to 4 years have changed dramatically. The digital gaming scene, in general, underwent a huge shift in what was the main demand from the player and what the developers were actually able to do. While the success of the regular videogames never really died down the request for creating more simple and easy-going games, the more traditional ones like said card games became more and more apparent.

The demand for simple yet engaging entertainment

People turn to games as their primary source of relaxation and entertainment and maybe not everyone is up for playing a 2-hour game. The demand for the simple games ended up creating a whole separate digital entertainment industry that focuses on card games. Be that the regular poker or blackjack, or something more unconventional as The League of Legends. The online gaming community is well on its way to overtaking the real-life casinos and gambling venues since most people these days prefer the convenience of an online gaming website. Not only are these venues more generous with their bonuses but it is also a lot more convenient for contemporary gamers to turn to online casinos instead of them going out of their way to access games in the physical venues. Since the card games are so popular ever so often the gaming companies integrate different pop culture references or themes into their games to attract new players, mostly the fans of the particular theme and to get them to play their games and so far it has proven to be a very successful strategy. A lot of the times the added element of an entertaining theme will increase the engagement from the player and will encourage them to play even if they’ve never engaged with this particular game before. It’s a great way to unite the fans of the reference, in this case, League of legends, and to integrate them with the fans of the game and vice versa.

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