Most popular mobile games of 2020

Alex Windsor
May 19, 2020

2020 hasn’t been the best of years so far but it has seen some excellent mobile games being launched. Playing games on our mobile devices has become steadily more popular in recent years due to improvements in technology. Let’s look at some of the most popular mobile games of 2020.

Eyes Down

Recent years have seen a huge growth in the playing of bingo games on our mobile devices. It may not be the most sophisticated game ever created that is for sure. However, your heartbeat will be climbing when you find yourself one number away from success and full of joy when it finally comes up. Downloading an app will enable you to be playing bingo, slot games and other casino games whenever and wherever you wish.

There are an increasing number of online bingo sites where you can play this game. Lots of variety too with different versions which is good to see. If you are on the look for new bingo sites you will find plenty of sites that will help you in deciding which ones to join. They contain lots of information and reviews of the games that are available.

Battle Chasers: Night War

If you are into roleplay, then this is a game that is going to get thinking. There are hidden dungeons to explore as you make your way through a dark and dangerous world. With surprises aplenty, you need to be concentrating on the screen of your mobile at all times.

There’s a strong plot here as young Gully sets out to find her father, Aramus. Not every hero returns and that’s what has happened to her father after an expedition to the Grey Line. On his way, he has laid some magical gauntlets and Gully needs to find as many as possible. It’s really fun to play Android app.

Chameleon Run

We seem to have a bit of time to kill at present, so playing a puzzle game on your mobile is a great idea. A degree of speed is required in this Noodlecake Games release with plenty of jumping from one platform to another.

Your aim is to complete a number of courses but the colour is the key here as you can only touch something that is the same colour as you. Changing your colour is of paramount importance and as quickly as you can, especially if you want to receive a quick dash boost.

Monument Valley 2

Without question, the whole Monument Valley series is just unquestionably beautiful in every capacity. The game is dressed in some of the most artful and polished visuals in gaming, let alone handheld mobile gaming. Not only is the game a visual joy to look at, it is also therapeutic, allowing you to lose yourself in its world and focus on something that brings up emotions from the creative storytelling. Allow yourself to be sucked in and entranced by turn your phone to “do not disturb” while playing to fully digest it all, because Monument Valley deserves that much attention.

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