Is Ibis Paint X the Photoshop replacement for your smartphone

Sohail H
February 11, 2019

Do you love to edit images a lot? Are you looking for an application that allows you to do that from your Smartphone? Your wait is over. Ibis mobile Inc. released an application, Ibis Paint X for Windows and Android, that allows you to do everything to an image that can be done using photoshop. Even better, if you love drawing anime or manga images, it allows you to do so. But, already there are hundreds of pic editing applications in play store. Let’s check the features that make Ibis Paint X special.

Are the Tools that Useful?

Ibis Paint X offers quite a lot of tools for expressing your creativity. Let’s take a look at them

  • Brush ToolsDepending on the requirement of your drawing, this tool gives you hundreds of brushes to choose from. For image detailing you can even customize the thickness of brushes, adjust opacity, etc using just a slider.
  • Layering ToolsJust like Photoshop, if you want to add layers over your canvas, the layering tool allows you to do so. It also helps you to adjust other features like opacity according to your preference.
  • Colouring Tool – There is an awesome colour picker tool which allows you to choose the colour of your choice and save it in the palette for future use.

Material Tool – Image editing is fine, but what if you want to edit the canvas itself. The material tool helps you with that. Using it, you can choose from over 1200 options to tweak and change the texture and tone of your canvas. For enhancing the stabilization of your image, there is excellent support for drawing.”View free Photoshop alternatives from Fixthephoto that work well on Android and iOS.”

User Interface Really Matters

For both Android as well as iOS, the UI of this app is a bit challenging to use for first-timers. But once you get familiarized with the tools and features, you will simply love it. You can also refer to their YouTube channel for tutorials of the new and old features. Apart from providing great usability features, the app also displays the top rated artworks created by other users regularly. For your personal dashboard, artworks which you have created are sorted in an orderly form with thumbnails.

How is the Performance

To efficiently use the extensive features that this app offers, you have to practice a lot. Once you become an expert, you can share your artwork with your friends as well as on social media and also view the artworks of your friends.

The app offers some excellent tutorials that will teach you how to use its features efficiently. You can download the app for free and enjoy the infinite scopes to create or customize illustrations. There were some bugs earlier, but the developers removed it in the latest update for enhancing its user experience.

Moreover, the app is cross-platform compatible. APK and IPA both are available to be installed and used in Android and iOS devices. However, the only negative feature is that it does not have any option to add text on your images. Often, you may want to add text to express what your image says or add your signature. But there is no option to type or choose a font. You have to depend on other applications for doing that.

Final Verdict

Well, personally speaking, by profession I’m into creating illustrations. And this app offers you a lot if you want to take your work wherever you want. With over 37 filters, 2300 materials, blending mods and even the feature to record your drawing process, it is a dream app for every illustrator. My personal opinion is to give this app a rating on 9 out of 10 and highly recommend it for creative professionals as well as general people to whom art is a hobby.

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