Great Ways to Accessorise a Budget Laptop

Ollie Mercer
November 4, 2018

Laptops are undeniably expensive – of course, they are also a necessary part of daily life. This is why, in most instances, you are left with no choice but to buy a budget laptop. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this but after a while, you may begin to notice that some features are missing. While these may not be the most fundamental features, they can reduce your overall user experience quite a bit. Well, the good news is that you can improve on this with the help of some excellent accessories. Below, you will find suggestions for the best gadgets:


Even with high-quality laptops, you may find that the built-in speakers aren’t all that great. However, it is with budget versions that the sound really suffers. Therefore, it stands to reason that you would make an effort to get a pair of speakers for your computer. In most cases, you will have to decide whether to get traditional plug-in speakers or to opt for wireless, Bluetooth versions.

External Hard Drive

When you buy a cheaper laptop, you may realize that there isn’t a lot of storage memory. Now, this can be rather distressing considering that photos, videos, programs, and more can take up quite a space on your computer. The solution to this problem is a portable hard drive. With this on hand, you can transfer documents and other files to the drive, freeing up space on the laptop.

DVD Player

You will be surprised to learn just how many modern laptops come without a built-in DVD player. This, of course, is because most people prefer to stream movies and TV shows online. Still, if you want to view your old DVD collection, you can. You will just need to get hold of external DVD drives that will allow you to continue watching movies like you used to.


There is a good chance that even the cheapest laptop is already equipped with a webcam. After all, it is one of the more basic features. Despite this, you may notice that the quality of the camera is rather poor. This can make conference calls and video calls a rather distorted affair. Fortunately, getting a webcam is a straightforward process and you should be able to purchase one for a good price.

Laptop Charger

Another downside of budget laptops is that the battery tends to be rather low-quality. As such, you may run out of power at the most inconvenient moments. It isn’t always easy to find power outlets where you can plug in your laptop charger when you’re on the go. Luckily, there are plenty of portable laptop chargers that can take care of this job for you. These resemble phone power banks but those meant for laptops are usually more powerful.

Port USB Hub

Sometimes, opting for a cheaper laptop means that you are forced to buy a smaller machine. One of the downsides of this, though, is that you don’t have nearly as many USB ports as you would like. To remedy the situation, get a strip port USB hub. This simply needs to be plugged into an existing port and will you with numerous other options.

As you can see, you don’t have to endure the basic features of a cheap laptop. Instead, you can level up with a variety of accessories that will make you feel as though you have a high-end machine.

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