Gadgets – What Are They And Benefits Of It

Carmen Richard
February 22, 2019

What Are They?

A Gadget is a device that has a specific purpose and function, generally of small proportions, practical and at the same time novel. Gadgets tend to have a more ingenious design than current technology. At No Fluff Tech you will find various types of gadgets and it reviews.

Some Examples…

Many technological devices of reduced size can be considered gadgets, as is the case of mobile phones, remote controls, iPod, PDA, calculators, watches, etc.

Google also has its sidebar with many (virtual) gadgets that can be used with the operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac and GNU Linux

The pen (pencil), the spanner, the comb, the fork, among many others, also fit within the less technological definition.

The Best Gadgets Of Today

The TIME magazine prepared a list with the technological devices that marked the year 2019. The great and famous Apple managed to position four of its products. The iPad was established as the electronic device of the year, according to the publication. Although it is not the first touchscreen tablet, it did manage to sell 3 million units in just one month.

In the TIME list, the Samsung Galaxy S appears as the second-best device of the year. It is one of the leading representatives of Android in the smartphone segment, giving a tough fight to the iPhone 4.

The MacBook Air of 11 is third in the magazine’s list. After the boom in netbooks, companies once again gave importance to the ultralight segment, in which Apple’s Mac Air 11 “is a worthy exponent.

tech Revue is the device that fits in the fourth position. It serves to connect to the new platform of Google TV, the new adventure of the computer company that intends to integrate television and internet.

Despite not having been a sales success, the Nexus One occupies a good position in the TIME list. It is the first Google smartphone, which has already ordered a new model from Samsung, and, therefore, the first Android representative in the market.

The iPhone 4 is the third Apple device in the list of the most prominent gadgets of the year. Despite the innocence of Apple in the error of the antenna, the smartphone immediately caught the attention of users: they sold more than 1.5 million units in less than a week.

Apple’s latest device, in seventh place on the list, is Apple TV, which allows content to be played via streaming.

Toshiba Libretto occupies position number eight. It is a 7 “dual touch screen tablet, a concept that Acer took and improved with its Iconia: a powerful notebook with dual 14″ touch screen.

Microsoft’s Kinect is the second to last on the TIME list. The new movement control for the Xbox 360 console is the beginning of the end of manual controls for videogames, which led the company to sell millions in a few months.

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