Junaid Ali Qureshi
August 13, 2018

Since 2007 when the first iPhone (original iPhone) was launched, ios development has grown exponentially. Within a span of a decade, 18 model releases were made, this includes iPhones 3 through to iPhone 8 (with variations) and the latest iPhone model X pronounced iPhone 10. These models featured a clear indication of iOS development over the stated time. Apple introduced trends in mobile and web development into the mobile devices ensuring iPhone remained updated as time passes. People are wondering what features the new iPhone would come with. There would be new model releases in 2019 but what do you think Apple will? One sure banker for us is the fact that all iPhone came with a very impressive quality and the new iPhone will not disappoint us. But where do you think technology is headed? What trends would become relevant in 2019 and beyond? From the pool of available resources, one can create a forecast about what the 2019 iPhone would be capable of. Technological trends in mobile include higher efficiency, tougher screens, self-healing screens, motion charging batteries, self-healing batteries, hologram cells, 3d display, use of materials that absorb impact and more. There is no guarantee the new iPhone would come with these features but here’s what we know.

New Display

There is an incredible pressure on devices to improve constantly on display capabilities as image and video are taking the centre stage of social interaction. Remarkable competencies have been displayed iPhone as regarding display over time. More recent models of the iPhone came with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens which have had a wide range of applications also in monitor screens, television screens and more. However, the newest iPhone is said to come with organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens which have the incredible capacity to work without backlight. This saves energy and improves on display and user experience. Since OLED is thinner and lighter than LCD, we expect a sleeker device from you Apple! This promises a huge shift in display and is rumoured to be the “crowning feature” of the new devices. Screen size and resolutions are also getting better. Predictions of 2019 Apple coming with a 2860 x 1320 & 491ppi resolution is also out. Screen size might go slightly bigger considering the resolution and the screen technology.

New Design

Apple design team must be a group of stylish individuals as this reflects on their devices. There is a huge pressure for mobile devices to be sleeker and more efficient. Having solved display problems Apple could introduce incredible design which could be a game-changer for mobile devices. The internet is crawling with unofficial device designs with the apple logo on them, some of these had flip screens (I don’t think Apple would flip this way) and a considerable number had curvatures. Although curved phones have certain advantages like better grip and less likelihood of being dropped. I think they look more practical than stylish. That’s my opinion. What’s yours, how do feel about a curved iPhone?

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