Brace Yourself: Phone Cases More Fashionable Than Belts, Say Millennials

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October 25, 2018

Millennials sacrifice fit for fashion as survey finds the phone case is more essential than the belt.

A recent survey conducted by phone case designers, Tirita, found that selfie-obsessed Millennials are taking “fashion-consciousness” to new heights.

1 in 3 millennials match their phone case with either their outfit or make-up

Over half (53%) own more than one phone case and 17% own over five

Millennials rank their phone case more important than their belt

Of those who admitted to phone case matching, 58% matched their phone case to their clothing and 25% matched their phone case to their make-up crowning phone cases the essential new fashion accessory on the block. A further 17% said they even matched their phone case, outfit and make-up all at once.

The survey goes on to reveal that the phone case has overtaken the belt as the new must-have accessory. Respondents were asked to rank accessories in order of importance and phone cases ranked higher than belts and on-par with watches in terms of wardrobe coordination.

One Unique’ fashion photographer and blogger, Sophie Calverley commented: “Phone cases are just as important as any other piece of clothing since you often see them in photos like mirror selfies. There’s something about having your phone case match your outfit as there is about your nail colour matching your outfit. If all three match then you’re the ultimate fashionista!”

Best-Case Scenario

As this new trend of phone case matching takes hold, it is no surprise that 53% of millennials own more than one phone case and 17% own over five – another 3% own over 10.

Director of Tirita, Enrique de Juan explains: “Keen followers of fashion want the latest designs and to be able to mix and match them with their outfits. Some customers buy new cases every week in order to complete their outfit.

We get sent mirror selfies from our customers all the time and love seeing our phone case designs being put to creative use. We see them as an act of self-expression – an extension of our customer’s personalities.”

As the mirror selfie trend continues, more and more tools and toys are being developed to help millennials get the most Instagrammable-image of them all. From LED illuminated phone cases to iPhone fans to get a wind-swept look, selfie-optimised phone cases are fast becoming the number one tech-ccessory.

To view the complete survey results, go to Tirita’s brand new website

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