Bingo apps allowed in the Google Play – what is the market now, 2 years later?

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October 14, 2019

Google banned all gambling apps on their play store in the UK since 2010. That meant that the installation of mobile bingo apps had to be without the aid of the play store. However, that ban lifted mid-2017. That allowed all bookmakers and casinos to re-release their apps back onto the UK market for the first time in seven years. 

The initial ban on gambling apps was due to legal concerns over the realistic ability of Android operating systems being able to adequately and appropriately be able to confirm any age restrictions necessary. At the time of the ban, Google never intended it to be permanent. They instantly released an update saying that they were expecting to lift the ban by August 2017, which is what happened. 

Now that mobile gambling has been allowed back onto the giants market place, there have been seven strict rules imposed on the suppliers of Bingo apps. In this article, we are looking at the market now, and what it may seem like in two years.

Bingo Apps Allowed On Play Store Now

If you were to look at the Google Play Store today, you would see that there are already 250+ bingo apps that are available for download. The majority of them are from different suppliers, too. That means that there must already be around two hundred licensed companies in the UK, Ireland, or France that have produced apps. 

Also, if you look at the list of the apps available, you will see that there is a massive variation in games. They range from the standard bingo games to more inventive and themed apps. The range available at this time is a lot larger than you would probably think before reading this article. But that is so that there is appeal to a more extensive range of people. 

Looking at what is allowed on the Play store, we have to go back to the seven rules implemented for developers. They are the same rules today as they were in 2017:

  • Companies need to pass Google’s applications.
  • Companies have to have registration in the UK, Ireland, or France.
  • Information promoting responsible gambling must be displayed
  • They must restrict downloads from other countries.
  • The initial download must be free.
  • Restriction of underage players is required.
  • Gambling games must offer real cash.

While those rules do limit the availability to develop gambling apps, it does allow for greater control of them and their end-users. However, as we have mentioned, the 250+ apps available in the Bingo niche does show that it has not limited it enough to stop it altogether. 

What Does This Mean For The Future Of Bingo Apps?

First of all, you can tell that gambling apps, such as bingo, are not going anywhere soon by the volume of apps available now. However, when you take into consideration that the first ten apps on the Play Store have over 47 million downloads alone, it drives home the popularity of them.

What does that mean for the future of mobile bingo in say, two years from now? Well, I believe that this is a straightforward question to answer. They are going to grow in popularity by a vast amount. The first couple of years of any rules and regulations regarding the production of something are often the most challenging to get involved in it. 

That is because it is the time that there is very little information about how to do it. Now that we are in an era of the internet at full bloom, there is a wealth of information seeping out into the world. That includes information about how to become a registered bookmaker and how to produce apps. Those two facts lend themselves very well to the increase in the development of gambling apps in general, let alone bingo.


My opinion is this:

If you are reading this article in 2021, and you search on the Play Store, you are likely to see closer to a thousand bingo apps, or possibly even more! However, I also think that there will be even more stringent tests and regulations to both the development and use of them. I may be proven wrong in those two years. However, bingo has been around since the year 1530 and is stronger now than ever. That fact, coupled with the vastness of mobile phones, leads me to believe that I am not wrong.

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