Beginner’s Guide to Online and Mobile Bingo

Wesley Young
June 11, 2020

Bingo has gradually become the favourite of online games for most online casino game players.

Bingo was created in Italy in the 16th century. The game is undoubtedly the oldest casino game in the world. It attracts millions of players across the globe. Once exclusively for older players, the younger generation is warming up to the game too. No wonder that the average age of bingo players keeps dropping. Due to its increasing popularity, many online players have included bingo on their bucket list.

Bingo has a simple learning curve, one of its selling points. Most bingo sites are also mobile-friendly, allowing bingo lovers to play the game on the go or wherever they are. Thus, you may play the game in the comfort of your home with your smartphone and enjoy a high-quality experience at your convenience.

Online Bingo – The Basics

In the online gaming world, players can choose from a variety of bingo games. There are 75-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, and 90-ball bingo versions. The latter is the most popular of the variants. Take a look at the basic terms of the game as discussed below.

90-Ball Bingo: Players have 90 balls to be selected from. These balls are then drawn at random, one after the other, where the player crosses off matching numbers on their card.

Bingo Pot: The bingo pot determines the amount you can win when you play a single bingo game. Simply put, bingo ticket sales are put into a pot from where they are shared among winning players.

Bingo Cards: Each player needs at least a bingo card to play a Bingo game. Each card has nine rows and three columns. There are four blank spaces and five bingo numbers within each row.

Drawn Balls: For a start, the first number will be drawn randomly. You must mark the drawn numbers if they match one of the numbers on your cards.

Random Numbers: Some random numbers from 1 to 90 will be assigned to your bingo card.

How to Play Bingo Online

If you are new to the online bingo game, here is a step-by-step guide to show you the best way to go about it

   Step 1: Choose a Bingo Site

Considering the numerous online bingo sites, choosing the best gaming site is the first step every new player in the online space should take. After choosing a gaming platform that ticks the boxes, create a personal account through which to play the game. You can complete the entire process in a couple of minutes.

Step 2: Deposit Playing Funds

If you are playing the game with real money, you are required to credit your account after completing your registration. You can choose from the payment methods supported by the gaming site to make the deposit.

Step 3: Choose a Room

Once you fund your account, choose a bingo room that meets your requirements.

Step 4: Collect Your Winnings

If you are among the lucky winners, the casino will credit your account with your winnings automatically.

Pay By Phone

In the UK, bingo players can make payment by phone, thanks to bingo’s increasing popularity in the country. This allows the players to credit their account via their phone bill. You can opt for this payment option if you play the game via your smartphone.

Gaming on the Go

Mobile bingo allows players to play the game on the go. Thus, players will care less about restrictions because they are free to play bingo games on their mobile devices, irrespective of their location or time of the day.

Since most online bingo sites are mobile-friendly, players can look forward to melodious soundtracks while playing bingo games on their smartphones. More so, some bonuses and promotions are exclusively for the mobile platform, giving players access to some of the best incentives via their devices. Mobile bingo gaming has never been more rewarding than this.

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