Adjust Data Shows Consumers Give Mobile A Lot Of Love On Valentine’s Day

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February 12, 2020

Adjust data reveals insights into how consumers use mobile phones to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as sessions peak on the 14th across verticals — from Food and Drink to Gaming 

With Valentine’s Day coming up this week, many might be thinking a little more eagerly about how to find the perfect partner. But the holiday isn’t just about dating apps. Planning for February 14 — from what gifts to buy to booking a ride to your restaurant or rendezvous — are actions (and conversions) that increasingly happen on mobile.

In fact, new data from Adjust shows in-app activity increases by 11% on Valentine’s Day compared to the rest of the month. An examination of app data grouped by vertical provides eye-opening insights into app usage and habits.

App usage, measured in the number of sessions, shows dating isn’t the only activity top of mind with consumers:

  • Entertainment apps lead the pack with the biggest increase (24%), indicating users stream shows and enjoy music on their nights in.
  • Food and Drink apps saw a similar increase (20%), a jump that could be linked with a rise in the number of users who prefer to spend date night at home, or the number of singles who were unsuccessful — or both. The data doesn’t say. However, sessions show that a love of takeout is strong. Usage is highest in the U.K., where users increased their app use by 26% to browse and order food on Valentine’s Day.
  • The emphasis on making connections with the perfect date also impacts Social apps (which include Messaging, as well as Dating). The app category saw sessions climb 16%.
  • Significantly, Gaming also saw an impressive increase in the number of sessions (6%), a clear indication that some gamers made the most of an evening in.

Fun activities and food delivery aren’t the only activities that get a boost from users seeking love, and lonely hearts looking for a way to spend time. E-commerce sessions saw strong growth before and across the holiday period as consumers scrambled to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Globally, sessions and in-app revenue events peaked on February 3, suggesting the shopping season starts earlier — sending a message to marketers to start campaigns and efforts at least two weeks before Valentine’s Day, to acquire and engage shoppers on mobile and in-app. Compared to the global average, shoppers in the U.S. are big spenders. Data reveals their shopping spree went into full swing on February 5 — nine days before Valentine’s Day, resulting in a 42% increase in in-app revenue events compared to the monthly average.

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