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lily sophia
May 22, 2020

It is known that PDF is an important format for storing and sharing text, graphs and images based data nowadays. In this age of information and technology, we know that PDF is equally important for students, teachers, scholars, office workers and even writers. Students and researchers use PDF for thesis, notes, and researches, etc, PDFs of expensive books of even New York best-sellers are also available. Now with such wide use of PDF in such important matters that may include your research that took years or your book that contains your intuitions or any other matter that needs your possession no matter where it is. Everyone knows what people prefer for such episodes, yes ‘WaterMark’, Most of the people do not know that watermarking is available in this era of advancement, and rarely knows that it can be done easily and simply. 

This tool ‘Add watermark into your PDF’ assists you in this issue. This smart converter ‘add Watermark to PDF’ is the perfect and easy way to get your job done in no time. ‘Add Watermark into a PDF’ is very efficient and easy to use and easily available tool from every part of the universe, all you need is reliable and stable internet. User-friendly and eye-catching GUI (Graphical User Interface) entertains you while you are working with this tool. Moreover, there is no need to download and install anything on your device, all you need is to upload or select as many files you want and with one click, and you can have your required result. 

In addition, no login is required which saves your time as we care of every bit you. Once this efficient and smart tool does what you asked for, you can download your file within a couple of seconds. To sum up, ‘add Watermark into a PDF’ is easy to use, free of cost, user-friendly tool to put Watermark into your PDF file with multiple options of positions, dimension, format related features.

You can use this suggested website in many other languages like Español, Français, Italiano, and 日本語.

How TO Use ‘Add Watermark into a PDF’

This tool is very easy and simple to use and one needs no familiarity with technical terms. When you step into the tool you can see three options ‘Select PDF File’, ‘Dropbox’, and ‘Google Drive’ with which you can upload your PDF file from your device storage, dropbox and Google drive respectively. You can add more than one PDF files and organize them by selecting each of them from the drop-down where all of your files are enlisted. When your PDF file is uploaded now click on setting option here the show begins. Multiple options are 

  1. Place an image or place text
  2. Text option allows you to enter whatever text you want to enter as a watermark, with extra features of text format. In case you select ‘place image’, you need to add a picture now.
  3. Position option allows you to place your in=mage or text on the page wherever you want.
  4. Then you have options of Transparency, rotations, pages (from, to).
  5. Finally, you have a very important option of ‘Layer’ that let you place your watermark over the PDF content or Below the PDF content.
  6. . Then hit the button to create your PDF and wait for a while. Time taken by the process depends upon internet speed. After that comes the download option, you can download your created file to your device without any prerequisites and ‘purchase premium version’ kind of irritating options.

Why this Tool

  1. User-friendly and easy to use features are attractive features of this tool
  2. No need to worry about downloading and installing it, just require a stable internet
  3. It is just the matter of three to four clicks, and you have what you want.
  4. You can add more than 1 PDF file at a time so you need not to upload files repeatedly, just select your file from the drop-down and watermark it.

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