ActivityTracker, a Pedometer App to Stay in Shape

Mike Cosmin Unguru
February 22, 2019

Taking a walk on a daily basis is truly important to our physical and mental health. It can help us improve our mood, reduce stress, lower the chances of heart disease and diabetes or lose weight.

If you want to track your daily physical activity and get fit, you don’t really have to purchase a fitness gadget. All you need is your phone. Yes, your own phone can turn into the perfect pedometer and help you reach those fitness goals.

ActivityTracker is a free pedometer app for iOS and Android designed to track your physical activity without having to wear an additional gadget. ActivityTracker is really useful if you want to monitor your daily movement using your phone, because it doesn’t use GPS and implicitly it has a minimum impact on your battery’s life. The app is easy to use and requires little time to understand how everything works. As far as the design goes, it is quite nice, with a black theme and colour-coded progress.

See How Many Steps you Take Every Day

So what exactly can you monitor during the day? Well, with ActivityTracker you can see a wide range of fitness stats. The app shows you how many steps you’ve taken, the total amount of calories burned, the distance covered, the time you were active, as well as the flights of stairs climbed. Basically all the information you need in order to understand how physically active you’ve been. You can check out your daily, weekly and monthly activities and there’s even an option to see your hourly activity.

Another useful option is the fact that you can set a fitness goal for yourself. The app enables you to set a weekly step target, let’s say 50k steps, and will keep you up-to-date by displaying a daily goal based on that target. This way you’ll be able to visualize your progress and stay motivated until you reach your goal. The app also offers an import/export feature, in case you want to save or transfer your fitness data to another device.

ActivityTracker is available for iOS and Android, free of charge.

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