888 Poker On Mobile – Is It The Same?

Phil Spencer
September 20, 2019

On average we spend 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on our phones, connecting with people, playing games and acquiring new knowledge. Almost every hobby in the world is now accessible via a mobile device, and poker is no different.

Millions of people play the world’s most popular card game via mobile, but is it as good on your phone as it is on a desktop? In this article, we take the 888 Poker mobile app as a case study and give it a thorough review to answer that question for you. Enjoy.

888 Poker – A Background

Despite being the second-most visited poker site on the internet, 888 doesn’t seem to have the same cult reputation of other major players in the industry. The company spends less money on advertising than its rivals, instead opting to inject their cash reserves into state-of-the-art software.

888’s poker branch launched in 2002 following on from the success of the online casino that  was launched by 888 Holdings in the mid-1990s. From their inception as a company, 888 have always been dedicated to leading the way in terms of software and user satisfaction.

Whereas most poker sites lease their technology, 888 create their own through heir very own development arm. Not only does that mean diversity, but it means that players at 888 will be able to take advantage of the best software available to enhance their gaming experience.

Which means€¦

888 Poker App – Does It Work?

It might seem like a stupid question to ask. Of course, it should work, all apps should work, but if you’ve ever downloaded a poker app before you’ll be aware that that’s not always the case.

It’s not just confined to poker either, the vast majority of gambling apps are so hastily put together that they may as well have been developed in a classroom by children. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the 888 Poker app.

On balance it’s probably the sleekest and smoothest poker app available on the market right now. Navigation is a doddle, you won’t find yourself getting lost in a series of drop-down menus as you look for your balance or the latest offers.

99% of pages are built into the app too, keeping you there, rather than redirecting you to an external Safari or Google page that inevitably crashes. The gameplay actually feels better on the 888 app as well.

Playing poker on a smaller screen seems to suit the graphics of 888 more than it does desktop, making for yet again a sleeker gaming experience. In the unquantifiable stakes of feel and gameplay, 888 poker is better to play on mobile than on the computer.

A quick look at the gameplay and feel of the 888 poker app


The 888 poker real money app allows you to play for stakes as low as a penny on the sites thousands of real-time cash games. You can match up your opponents via either bankroll, stakes or quality/experience.

Further to that, there are a few derivations of Texas Hold ‘Em to play in between cash games and the regular tournaments that take place. Snap poker is perhaps the most popular game on the app, allowing you to ditch hands immediately if you don’t like them which creates a fast-paced, enjoyable playing environment.

Keep your eyes peeled for the WSOP tournament as well, which you could use to earn a seat at the big WSOP event in Las Vegas.

On top of the poker, there are also links to play a number of casino games like blackjack and slots if you just want to relieve some tension after an intense couple of hands.

Customer Service

888 have won a series of awards for their customer support in recent years. Players on the app get the exact same access to 888’s customer support as users on desktop, so you won’t be missing out.

You can contact customer support through telephone, email or alternatively through the live chat option which usually allows you to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Downloading The App

It would feel patronizing to explain the process of downloading an app to anyone in this modern-day and age. However, before you do download the 888 Poker app have a look on the internet for the latest offers and promotions.

Like all of the major poker providers, 888 offer regular promotions for new and existing customers so there should always be something available to enhance your gaming experience and make downloading the app financially worthwhile.

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