5 underrated (electronic) gifts to give this year

Lisa Smalls
December 14, 2018

Are you excited for the holiday season? Well, ready or not, it is upon us in earnest and many people have found themselves desperately searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. It can be difficult to find the right item, but fortunately, that’s what gift lists are for! With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top five underrated electronic gifts to give this year.


Are you looking for the right gift for someone who needs to stay connected even while on the go? Consider buying them a smartwatch! These cool gadgets can come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and colours and there’s one to fit almost every price range. Note that these are particularly good options for individuals hoping to become more health conscious in the new year, with many of them offering access to health apps to help count their steps and keep track of calories.

Smart Home Device

Give the gift of year-round convenience with a smart home device. Devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Mini are becoming more and more connected with smartphones and tablets, making them the perfect gift for someone who likes to customize their home and keep track of everything from the comfort of their favourite mobile device.

Automated Vacuum Cleaner

Speaking of convenient items, why not consider gifting an automated vacuum cleaner this holiday season? It might sound like an overly practical gift, but it’s actually an incredibly thoughtful one that will bring you to mind every time the recipient gets ready to clean their home! These are great choices for individuals with mobility issues, too, as they can take care of the bulk of the vacuum work with little input required.

Adjustable Mattress Base

Quality sleep is a vital factor for good health, and your mattress is a big part of creating an environment conducive to sleep. With that in mind, you might consider offering your loved one an adjustable mattress base, like the one offered by Leesa, so that they can ensure their mattress suits their needs perfectly. You might also consider completing the gift with a quality mattress, too!


The last gift on our list is a tablet! These mobile devices are endlessly useful and can be carried around easily in a purse or jacket pocket. Some of them offer powerful features in small packages, giving you access to your computer no matter where you are. There are also tablets specially designed for children, which make great gifts for the busy parent on the go who would prefer their child have access to educational apps rather than just movies or cartoons.

If you’re looking for the best electronic gift for the loved ones on your list, we hope our top five underrated gifts can help. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for bundles, too. Mattresses, in particular, are often on sale this time of the year and there are some great deals out there. Happy holidays!

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