5 Of the Best IPTV Apps to Watch Live TV On Android

Thomas Price
March 6, 2019

Do you know that best quality entertainment is now just a touch away on your personal Android device? Yes, you read it right, IPTV apps have shortened the distance between you and your favorite TV shows.

It is an amazing facility that allows you to enjoy live streaming directly from the channel of your choice. Moreover, IPTV apps provide seamless streaming, without even a bit of buffering.

In other words, Internet Protocol Television is your gateway to freedom from having to download all those great shows. All you have to do is to install a great IPTV app and you can comfortably watch live TV on your devices. About IPTV apps, below are the top 5 of the most popular ones.

So, don’t wait anymore and read on to find out which IPTV app will suit you the best.


Undoubtedly a matchless provider of fastest streaming service, MIPTV has the best to offer. It allows you access to most stable IPTV streaming in a number of countries all over the world. No wonder it is one of the top famous IPTV apps available worldwide. In other words, it is a steal for both iPhone and Android users.

IP Television – IPTV M3U

Created by a developer named Paolo Rossignoli, IP Television – IPTV M3U allows you to get efficient streaming of TV channels, as well as internet playlists. Moreover, you can also get to know about the schedules of multiple live streams through its electronic program guide. What can be better than this? For more details, click here.

GSE Smart IPTV Pro

Being the most popular of all the IPTV apps, GSE Smart IPTV pro never disappoints its users. This amazing app has various versions and is easy to operate owing to its highly user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, it is highly customizable, which makes it even comfortable for you to watch whatever you want to.


In a list of top IPTV apps, one can never forget to mention MobDro. With its mind-blowing features and user-friendly interface, MobDro makes things increasingly easy for its users. Also, it allows you to watch shows in various languages and in any country around the globe.

Its amazing features don’t end here. Apart from TV shows and videos, MobDro also enables you to stream movies seamlessly, anywhere and anytime.


One of the top picks of IPTV users worldwide is this ultra-amazing app. Lazy IPTV retains its position in the list of best IPTV apps due to its various unique features.

This IPTV app supports M3U playlists in a number of formats. Also, it allows you to add new content to your playlists, while at the same time enabling you to paste URLs directly from your device’s clipboard or from the web.

Can’t believe how these apps can make your life easier in one go? Well, then try it yourself and you would be amazed to find out that it’s even better than it sounds.

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