5 addictive online games that you can’t miss playing

Audrey Throne
June 25, 2019

Nothing feels better than disentangling yourself from everyday worries and entering the online gaming world. After a long tiring day, nothing helps in energizing the overworked brain like a quality video game.

One thing is for sure- the gaming industry is thriving. There are over 2.6 billion avid gamers in the world, and the industry generated over 78.61 billion revenue in 2017 alone! As per predictions, by the end of 2019, online games will account for 47 percent of the global video gaming market.

Currently, there are a plethora of online games available for you to play. While some of them certainly don’t hit the mark, others are so addictive that it is hard to put them down once you begin playing. Here are five of the most addictive online games that you must try out.

1. Dungeon Sweep

Dungeon Sweep is an online game available on Unlimited Gamez Mo. What makes it so addictive and fun is the simplicity of the game. In this adventure game, you are required to make your way through a dungeon by slashing away an array of different monsters that come your way. During your adventure, you will also get the chance to unlock different special powers that will eventually help you in fighting against the Master Wizard.

Even though the game sounds easy enough, making your way through the dungeon and then fighting and winning against the Wizard is no easy feat. This is what ensures that people stay hooked to the game. Dungeon Sweep is just one of the many addictive games this site offers. Other categories available include Strategy, Cards, Puzzle, Education, Shooting etc. To access all these fun games, the site requires you to pay a small subscription fee. After doing so, all of these games become accessible on your phone. While we found Dungeon Sweep to be the best one, you are free to try all the other games and come up with a verdict of your own.

2. Spaceteam

Have you ever imagined what you would do if a plane you were travelling in required rescuing? Let’s face it, most of us have daydreamed about how we would heroically save the day. With Spaceteam, you can actually do so- at least in the virtual world.

Sleeping Beast Games have created this game. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. In the game, your character assumes the leadership position in a spaceship, which is experiencing disaster. And it is up to you to rescue it.

One of the best things about this game is the presence of the multiplayer setting. This allows you to play the game with your friends. Here, your friends relay instructions to you while you have to follow them and decide which of the different knobs you need to push to save your ship. While the free online version merely requires a sound Wi-Fi connection, additional upgrades and features are available in the game’s in-app version.

3. Left 4 Dead

After a stressful day, nothing acts as a better stress buster than a first-person shooting game. Left 4 Dead is developed by Valve and available on PC. What makes this game truly addictive is the chaos that ensues once it begins. This helps a gamer is getting the adrenaline rush as he/she shoots his way to victory.

As Zombies chase you, you are bound to feel frantic and fearful. And this is the aspect that gives the game the additional “oomph” factor that makes people keep coming back. You can get your friends to join in on the game and have fun as you show the zombie hordes who the winner is.

Some might say that the game is a tad too old. After all, it was developed over a decade ago and hence is not adapted to the new consoles. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the game is super addictive.

4. World of Tank Blitz

War is undoubtedly a scary phenomenon. It is not something that you would want to experience in real life. But, behind a screen, war games help in giving the ultimate adrenaline boost. World of Tank Blitz is one such online game.

This video game was developed by WarGaming Group back in 2012. Ever since its creation, it has managed to remain quite popular among gamers, with over 110 million players enjoying the game globally. The multiplayer game sports outstanding graphics that truly immerse you in the experience.

Apart from being available on PC, as of recently, the game has also been made available on iOS and Android devices, free of cost. Here, you can form a team of seven and have the ultimate fight using your tanks. There are also additional features available in the app version of the game.

5. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 has been developed by Gameloft and is often dubbed as being the Call of Duty of the mobile gaming world. While some of the other online games feature simple visuals and minimal storyline, this is not the case with Modern Combat. What makes this game interesting is that it is the ultimate entertainment package. You get excellent graphics, engaging content and addictive gameplay all in one.

Rather than assuming the same role every time you play the game, Modern Combat allows you to switch modes and become one of the six characters of the game. You can also customize their characters by giving different types of arsenals and items.

The game requires you to showcase both your strategy-building and fighting skills. With such brainpower needed to win the game, it comes as no surprise that many are invested in it.


These five online games will be tough for you to stop playing once you begin. But, sometimes, this is precisely what you need to distract yourself from your everyday concerns. Play games. Give yourself a break now and then. You deserve it!

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