4 Tips to Take the Headache Out of City Parking

Chris Everett
September 7, 2018

Whether you are a local day-to-day commuter or just a visitor for a short stay, finding a good place to park in a city can be challenging. If you are wondering how you can take the headache out of city parking, below are four tips which you can put to use.

1.Reserve Parking in Advance by Using Apps or Websites

In an attempt to combat the ever-increasing parking dilemma in cities, various parking apps and websites have been developed and cities are now adopting smarter parking solutions. The websites and applications are offering real-time parking information on the availability of spaces, mobile payments as well as reminders when the meter is going low.

Parking Panda, Parking Whiz, and ParkMobile are some of the applications and websites which help people to search and find parking spaces in advance. They also offer an easy and secure way of paying for parking spaces beforehand and they can be used on-street and off-street. Some of these online services also contain parking options such as daily parking, monthly parking, event parking, airport parking among others.

2. Check Parking Information in the City’s Website

If you are a visitor and you want to check a city’s parking information, the best way to go about this is by checking the website of that city. Here, you will find information regarding the parking structures or spaces, parking duration, charges and others.

Simply do a quick Google search for the City’s parking and you will come across a .gov link or the right local government website which has all the city’s parking details including parking fines, parking restrictions, and violations.

3. Pinpoint Surrounding Neighborhoods Where Parking is More Available & More Affordable

Instead of looking for a parking space within your destination, a great way of avoiding the nuisance that comes with searching for a parking space is by pinpointing parking spaces in the surrounding neighbourhood where there is more space and the cost is cheaper.

You can save time and money by parking your vehicle in one of the spots and then walk the remaining distance to your destination. The best thing about parking your vehicle within the neighbourhood is that you don’t have to compete with others for parking space and you can still access it easily.

4. Use Parking Garages Because Of Their Proximity & Security

Due to various safety and security reasons, using a parking garage is sometimes the best option when it comes to parking. These spaces provide easier accessibility and you don’t have to walk for a long distance to pick your vehicle. Although they can be very expensive sometimes, they are safer and convenient.

Parking garages can protect your vehicle from scratches and dings from other vehicles and elements such as falling tree branches. This type of parking facility is protected from elements of weather such as rain, wind, snow, dust etc. It contains steady temperatures unlike the outdoors which sometimes have extreme cold and hot temperatures which can be damaging. Additionally, a parking garage keeps your vehicle secure from vandalism or theft because most of these facilities have security cameras or a watch person to provide extra security.

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