4 Great Mobile Apps for Better Health During the Holidays

Matilda Davies
November 5, 2018

There are plenty of great mobile apps out there focused on helping us maintain our health, but when time is a luxury during the holiday rush and we’re always on the go, it’s important that the apps be simple, easy to use, and not just be a distraction.

Here are four great mobile apps that will help you maintain better health this holiday season.

1. MindBody

MindBody is an ultra-convenient app that lets you easily find and book local fitness classes and even massage appointments anywhere in the world. Research has found that massage can help alleviate headaches, digestive disorders, insomnia, stress, and even fibromyalgia. So treat yourself to a health-boosting massage or workout class this holiday, even if you’re far from home.

2. Noisli

Especially for the holiday traveller, getting great sleep can be a challenge, but a good night’s sleep is key to staying healthy, and downloading a white noise app can help you catch some deep Zzzs whether you’re in a plane, on a train, or crashing at your in-law’s house. Noisli is a highly customizable white noise app that lets you create your very own custom mix of your favourite sounds. Pair thunderstorms with a rippling creek, rustling leaves with the low rumble of a train, or simply enjoy the pleasant murmur of a coffee shop. You can save custom mixes or ask Noisli to make one for you.

3. Calm

Meditation is a simple practice that can help control stress, decrease anxiety, and improve cardiovascular health. Calm is a mindfulness app made for beginners that offers 100+ guided meditations to help you manage that holiday stress. The app’s new Calm Body feature offers 10-minute guided lessons on mindful moving and gentle stretching, so you can get a little bit of healthy body movement no matter where you are this holiday season.

4. Charity Miles

Track your exercise miles and give a charity of your choice in the process! The Charity Miles app lets you choose the charity you’d like to donate to, and with each mile, you run, walk, dance, or bike, you raise money for your charity. Donations come from Charity Miles’ corporate sponsorship pool or you can ask your friends to sponsor you. Organize your family or friends this holiday and compete with each other to see who can raise the most for a great cause.

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Matilda Davies

Matilda lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she writes about great homes, health, and wellness. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, hiking, and walking her dogs.

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