10 Best iOS Games of 2018 Across Categories

dev Bhatt
September 19, 2018

Apple’s iOS has been offering a wide variety of the best mobile games across various categories for a decade now. There is no doubt that the game developers have been producing top-notch iOS games turning the regular iPhones and iPads into solid gaming machines. Let’s do a roundup of the 10 best iOS games of 2018 across multiple categories.

Here are 10 of the Best iOS Games of 2018:

Category: iOS Sports Game

1. Madden NFL Overdrive Football

The Madden NFL Mobile now becomes Madden NFL Overdrive. Now you can build your NFL team and dominate the competition in real-time. Now you can strategize with NFL captains and coaches, experiencing the gridiron like never before with new animations, realistic physics, and broadcast-style presentation. On an iPhone X display, the graphics have significantly improved with a more realistic game engine.

2. NBA 2k18

The NBA 2k18 represents a significant step forward in terms of an authentic, realistic and a rich basketball game. NBA 2k18 has not only found its stride but also has firmly established itself as the gold standard. iOS devices offer stunning graphics and perfect game-play that provide gamers with a high-class gaming experience.

Category: iOS RPG Games

3. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

In the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, you will be engaged in the same real-time combat found in Final Fantasy XV. As Noctis, you will be able to twist around environments, dodge and block incoming attacks and switch between weapons like spears and swords.

4. Battleheart 2

Battleheart 2 remains sought-after for most gamers. In the world of Battleheart 2, you will be taken through a typical fantasy medieval setting, where for each stage, there are lush forests, icy tundras, and hot deserts.

Category: iOS Racing Games

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

The Asphalt 9 was recently released globally for Android and iOS users. It has some similarities

to the previous game. It has Career Mode, Online multi-player and daily event. There’s another feature called TouchDrive which when turned on, permits you to swipe left or right to change directions and steer instead of tilting your phone to drive like it was in the previous game.

6. Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed: No Limits has created a new breed of mobile racing and the first thing you would notice about the game is that the races are short. You will be able to complete most races under 50 seconds. In the initial levels, races get more intense as the AI progresses.

Category: iOS Action Games

7. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has spread like wildfire over the last year. The mobile version is just about as close as the PC version in terms of performance. It’s also significantly better than the XBOX sion on the technical front.

8. Fortnite (

The latest battle game is taking the world by storm. The visuals look stunning on iOS. It looks identical to the PC or console version at first glance. Things like the level of detail, textures, lighting, shadow and draw distance have been dialed down a bit. However, the game still looks beautiful with no unnecessary frame pacing issue and is relatively smooth.

Category: iOS Family and Group Game

9. Just Dance Now

With Just Dance Now’s mobile version, anyone can hop into the game by providing a code found on the app’s official website. Many of the free songs are shuffled each day to give you some semblance of choice. When playing on iOS, you can choose a character to visit the official website for the official code. Then you can play the game on your PC or television as a monitor. Just Dance Now is more of a streamlined experienced compared to its console counterpart. It is quick, free and permits some really cool dance moves.

10. Heads Up (

If you’re familiar with games like Charades and Pictionary, then you’re definitely going to enjoy this party game where players attempt to guess words that appear on a phone held to their forehead. The partner must convey the answer using a variety of methods without actually saying anything. It’s a great family game with an element of silliness that will keep parents and kids entertained.

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