Zero shutter-lag for cameraphones

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November 18, 2008

The Scalado Camera solution, unveiled today, is the latest development from Scalado and introduces the Scalado Camera Engine and Scalado SpeedTags for future cameraphones.

The increased JPEG image handling performance will speed up the management of large files produced by modern high-resolution camera sensors, eliminating shutter-lag completely and enabling burst capturing and instant image zoom and pan.

The technology has been produced in collaboration with Texas Instruments, Symbian and OmniVision.

Scalado CTO Sami Niemi said, “Thanks to the new technology, manufacturers can now offer real-time viewing and capturing of high-resolution images, totally eliminating shutter lag. As a result, camera phone users can finally take memorable photos instead of missing the moment.”

Using this new technology, photographers can enjoy multi-megapixel images without any delay, a feature once reserved for advanced Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. Now a user can be sure that the picture seen on the screen will be exactly what is saved.

Pictures are managed in memory, allowing unprecedented JPEG handling performance, as well as faster image browsing in the photo gallery.

“The combination of true creativity, enormous processing power, and jaw-dropping features in our latest software reinforces Scalado’s status as experts and innovators who are focused on continuously enhancing the imaging experience” says Fadi Abbas, VP Business development at Scalado.


Demo of Scalado zero shutter-lag technology for cameraphones


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