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June 18, 2019

New Cleer FLOW Active Noise Cancelling headphones built for music enthusiasts on the move

Cleer, an award-winning headphone manufacturer based in San Diego, reaches new heights of audio on the go with the introduction of its FLOW Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones. Embodying the spirit of California and its boundary-pushing creative community, FLOW combines cutting-edge engineering, polished design and indispensable functionality. Carefully crafted for the most discerning music enthusiast on the move, Cleer presents an outstanding headphone with best in class isolation and top of the range design and functionality with up-to 20 hours battery

Available in sophisticated silver or beautiful black, the FLOW has a swivel folding design to easily store them away in the accompanying stylish carry case. Each pair also comes with interchangeable rings to customise the finish to suit your tastes.

Providing impeccable High-Resolution Audio and incredible musical fidelity without wires, FLOW benefits from patented 40mm Ironless Drivers for low distortion and high resolution no matter the volume level. This Cleer Ironless technology uses a set of cleverly stacked rare earth sector magnets to achieve even and symmetrical confinement of the magnetic flux within the driver. This replaces the common arrangement of soft iron parts and a single magnet meaning the transducer motor is free from distortions, creating a balanced and dynamic sound.

Years of technological development across a team with decades of experiences within the world’s biggest audio brands has led to the FLOW’s ground-breaking Patented Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology. Combining the best of both worlds, each earcup comes equipped with both advanced an ANC chip and two microphones working in perfect unison. Hybrid ANC is able to suppress a broad range of noise frequencies, correct errors and is not sensitive to how the person wears the headset. Combined with superior passive noise isolation, the FLOW blocks out almost 99.5% of environmental noise.

Furthermore, the hybrid noise cancelling system features a practical Ambient Noise option. With the click of a button, the built-in microphones allow you to hear the ambient sound around you. Easily swapping from escaping to your music, to listening in to the sounds of the city.

Keeping up with modern headphone technology, Auto-pause comes as standard, meaning users music is paused when the headphones are removed. In addition, controlling the FLOW couldn’t be simpler with built-in earcup swipe controls. With the flick of your finger, your music can be controlled and phone calls can be answered.

The Cleer Flow (£249) will be available from Harrods from June 2019.

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