Xbox One gets a media remote, offers yet another way to control your console

Callum Tennent
February 13, 2014

What’s the one problem you’ve had with your lovely new Xbox One that’s just been driving you crazy? If your answer was “there’s not enough ways to control it” then you probably aren’t a real person, because that’s a ridiculous complaint to have.

Still, if you do happen to be one of these fictitious users who aren’t satisfied with using Kinect voice commands, Kinect gesture control, Xbox SmartGlass or a good old fashioned controller, Microsoft has the solution for you – an Xbox One Media Remote.

Much like the company’s previous two home consoles, the One is now getting its own traditional remote for simpler, more intuitive control when watching Blu Rays, Netflix or the like.

Whilst the remote has not yet been officially announced, a rather official looking photo briefly surfaced on the rather official yesterday. The Canadian branch of the retail monolith let slip Microsoft’s new gadget, posting the image displayed below, along with a March 4th release date and a price tag of $24.99 Canadian (which literally converts to £13.67, but it seems unlikely that Microsoft would settle on that price for the British market. £14.99 seems a little more likely).

Microsoft - Xbox One Media Remote

It certainly looks nice, as far as remote controls go, its simple rounded features and clean, black-and-white colour scheme in perfect keeping with the theme of the Xbox One.

If you’re the sort of person who uses their One as a full-on media centre but prefers not using Kinect’s features (that are all infinitely cooler than a remote and were designed specifically so that you would not need one) then this should be exactly what you’re looking for, and you shouldn’t have to wait long for it either.


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