Xbox One gets its first dashboard update of 2014

Saqib Shah
February 5, 2014

The Xbox One’s first dashboard update is due on 11 February and will include a controller battery indicator and an interface for managing system storage.

The simple, yet important, updates will allow players to keep track of their controller battery life – which will appear as a small icon at the bottom right of the dashboard – and to view and manage their system’s storage space.

According to the Xbox One Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten, the update will allow users to  control their install lineup  and easily manage their download queue.

My Games and My Apps will be placed into individual lists, so that users can create separate queues for both. Players will be also be able to pick the order in which their content loads due to the addition of a boot progress indicator.

Whitten also stated that Microsoft will push for another dashboard update,  which will focus on multiplayer and party chat improvements,  on 4 March.

Source: Kotaku

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