Xbox One to get several exclusive new games in China

Saqib Shah
August 1, 2014

The Xbox One is set to become the first major console to make it to China.

Microsoft has already confirmed a 23 September release date for its next-gen console and given it a premium $600 price tag.

A number of major games are set to launch alongside the device, including the usual suspects such as Titanfall and NBA 2K14. However, Microsoft has also unveiled a number of China exclusives for the console.

As is usually the case with foreign exclusives, some of these exclusive titles cater specifically to the Chinese consumer.

Developer Perfect World is releasing a MMO entitled Neverwinter as a launch title. Snail Games – which specialises in MOBA games – is releasing a League of Legends-style game called King of Wushu.



Other exclusives in the bag for china include a remake of the classic Chinese online game Swords  of Legends. The classic title will also be adapted in to a TV show, although there is no word on whether that will be an Xbox One China media exclusive.


The original Swords of Legends. The game is getting a remake for the Xbox one in China.

Chinese gaming studio Yingpei is also releasing two as-yet untitled games. Footage revealed of the games shows one to be a MMORPG and the other a futuristic online mech-shooter.

Aside from all the MMO action, there will also be a few exclusive indies making their way on to Microsoft’s next-gen console. These include the Kickstarter funded C-Wars and the cutely-titled Naught Kitties.

Additionally, on the Xbox Fitness front – the service will include Tai Chi exercises, exclusively for China.

In regard to the games, they are all part of Microsoft’s partnership with local developers and therefore do not have Western release dates as of yet.

YouTube user Eric Jou has a number of videos of the new games from the China Joy games expo that is currently taking place in Shanghai.


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