Winter storm holds back Moto G shipments

Jamie Feltham
December 12, 2013

Poor Motorola – you strive to make a premium phone for a low cost, and then the elements stop you in your tracks. Winter weather has delayed shipments of the Moto G across the US.

The Winter storm Dion has been holding back supplies of the handset. Customers with the phone on pre-order are getting emails explaining the situation. Apparently operations at the Fort Worth facility have been stalled. Dates for when the phone will finally be available reportedly vary from person to person, though dates as soon as December 14th have been mentioned.

It’s a shame this has happened, because the Moto G is a great phone and we’d like people who ordered it to, y’know, get it. Still, at least it looks like they’ll still come in pre-Christmas

Source: Android Central

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