Windows Phone reportedly losing manufacturers

Jordan O'Brien
June 11, 2013

Windows Phone could be losing OEMs because of high license fees and competition from Microsoft’s bedfellow, Nokia, according to DigiTimes’ sources.

Nokia currently holds more than 80% of all Windows Phone sales, leaving even less space for competitors than on Android, even when faced against the behemoth that is Samsung.

Acer, Asus and ZTE are all reportedly pushing back their plans for a Windows Phone in 2013, with the main reason reportedly being Microsoft’s unwillingness to lower licensing fees — something we’ve seen them do with Windows 8. Acer is currently still rumoured to be pressing ahead with their Windows Phone, but it currently isn’t scheduled to land until early 2014, after the rumoured Windows Phone Blue update.

Microsoft’s tight grip on Windows Phone 8 has also made it hard for manufacturers to differentiate themselves against the competition — with Nokia the only company allowed to manipulate the software.

HTC, Huawei and Samsung have all already launched Windows Phone 8 devices, and the latter is rumoured to be prepping yet more Windows devices later this month.

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