Why buying a high quality used phone is better than buying new!

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July 25, 2019

There is nothing better than that feeling of getting your brand new smartphone… Text from the courier, it’s here! Sleek box, perfectly packaged… Carefully open the box and breathe in that new phone smell. Oh, and peeling off that perfect sticker on the screen. It may sound superficial, but experiences like this really can make us feel great… Until you see the monthly bill! Long contracts, high prices and that new phone smell wears off pretty quickly!

What if we said you could have one of the latest smartphones, with amazing packaging and accessories, the same 12-month warranty you get with the manufacturers, and a device that looks and performs like new… for much less than the retail price?

Mazuma is one of the most trusted and longest-standing mobile phone recyclers in the UK, operating since 2006. They now also sell high-quality mobile phones, and tablets and smartwatches, online at

The mobile device market is rapidly changing as customers demand better value without compromising on quality, as well as making sure their buying decisions are environmentally responsible. Mazuma can fulfil all those needs.

By choosing a high quality used device from Mazuma, instead of buying brand new, you can save a lot more than just money. With every device bought from Mazuma, you are helping to reduce tech waste, a huge growing issue, especially in the developing world. At Mazuma we don’t send any devices to landfill at all, it is our mission every day to reduce, reuse and recycle everything we can to ensure that each device is fulfilling its intended use for as long as possible.

Used devices from Mazuma aren’t just like new, they’re better than new because now you can have all the benefits of a brand new phone, as well as saving money and helping reduce environmental waste.

Head over to to sell your old phone to us, or to purchase your next one!

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