The Whole World in Your Hand G-Hold® protects your tablet, hands and wrists

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October 28, 2018

With the patented G-Hold® in your hand, you can move around the workplace and home with the freedom to create and collaborate, present and learn, without fear of dropping your tablet. For ten years G-Hold® has studied the science of holding, resulting in a tablet holder that not only enhances the user experience but protects the hand and wrist from strain.

Key attributes
Proven ergonomic value (reduces strain on hand and wrist)
Rotates 360° to view screen in both portrait and landscape positions
Clips down for easy storage
Universal compatibility with devices and cases
Approved by Apple, Microsoft, Amazon Devices and Panasonic
Bespoke branding options available

Ergonomics – not just a buzzword

The G-Hold was tested in the Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of the West of Scotland, with a particular focus on the carpal tunnel. The study revealed over 90% reduction in muscle activity around the Carpal Tunnel when the subjects used the G-Hold® rather than gripping their tablet to conduct everyday activities. Unlike some phone holder solutions in the market, G-Hold® enables users to keep their hand in a neutral, relaxed position, without forcing the fingers apart.


Our company first created handholds for the foodservice industry with the Safetray® – a tray that utilises a collapsible hand support to prevent the cost, danger and embarrassment of toppled trays. When tablets hit the mainstream, we applied our knowledge of hands and wrists to develop the GHold. Despite being turned down by the Dragons on Dragons’ Den, inventor Alison Grieve signed deals with the US shopping channel HSN, Microsoft and the Made For Amazon program, selling
over 100k products worldwide. Alison presented the G-Hold Universal on QVC UK on Saturday 13th October.

G-Hold® Users
Teachers, students, sports presenters (such as Lee McKenzie and Suzi Perry), Apple HQ employees, sales forces, warehousing staff, touring musicians (such as Gregory Porter), event staff, customer service staff, manufacturers, utility companies, construction workers – basically anyone and everyone who uses a tablet on a regular basis!

Universal Tablet Holder – VELCRO® Brand Base Ergonomic Handhold for Tablets

The G-Hold® Universal Tablet Holder with VELCRO® Brand base is a great solution for tablet users looking for a G-Hold® that works with all tablets and cases, including those with kickstands. The VELCRO® Brand base allows users to reposition their G-Hold when required, such as when they would like access to a kickstand.
RRP. £24.95
UK Stockists: QVC, Dixons Travel, Selfridges, Academia

G-Hold® for Microsoft Surface
The G-Hold® Designed for Microsoft Surface is a perfect solution for Microsoft Surface users as it allows them to hold their device comfortably in one hand while keeping the other hand free to scroll, type, or use the Surface Pen. The adjustable VELCRO® Brand base provides access to the kickstand when using the keyboard.
RRP. £24.95
UK Stockists: Microsoft Store (online), Academia (education reseller), Amazon.

G-Hold® Micro Suction
Utilising micro-suction material, this Micro Suction G-Hold® will attach securely onto any smooth shiny surface (the backs of tablets and minis), but can be removed and then reused without leaving any marks behind. Included in every pack is a shiny, transparent sticker to enable the suction to be compatible with textured or painted finishes, such as the Apple Smart Cases with trifold stand. Top selling tablet accessory on HSN since 2016.
RRP: £24.95
UK Stockists: Amazon, Academia, XMA

G-Hold® Made For Amazon
A brand new version of G-Hold designed specifically for Amazon devices (Fire, Fire cases and Kindle), this G-Hold features a VELCRO® Brand base and two Velour pads, all packaged in a specially designed storage tin. G-Hold® is one of the few accessory brands to have been accepted onto the Made For Amazon partner program. It is compatible with both the devices and the cases, making it one of the fastest growing accessories in the program.
RRP: £29.99 (currently on sale at £19.99)
Stockists: Amazon only

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