Where do smartphones end up when we throw them away?

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March 4, 2021

Mobile phones are with us constantly, which means that sooner or later they end up breaking down and needing a successor. To throw away old mobiles without damaging the environment, we must recycle our phones, a task that is not easy and that is why we are going to show you the different ways you can recycle your phone.

All the components of smartphones negatively affect our nature, although especially batteries can be highly harmful. It is estimated that a single battery can contaminate 600,000 liters of water, something that puts our health at serious risk.

Where do mobiles go after garbage?

If we do not carry out the recycling process of our mobile phones, we will be causing all their components to end up in places where they should not be. Among the options are electronic waste bins, many of them in China, where they receive almost 5,000 tons of electronic waste per year.

Another few million tons go to Africa or India, where they end up affecting natural spaces, as well as people’s health. These wastes often reach the water, seep into the earth and end up creating catastrophes such as climate change that we are experiencing.

How to get the latest phones for cheaper?

To get rid of these old phones, we have different options, so that depending on our needs, interests, and preferences we choose the option that most appeals to us, The best option is refurbished phones With this, we will be setting an example for future generations since currently only 8% of mobile phones are recycled.

We must act in the best way if we do not want our planet to continue to be affected by the waste and pollution that we human beings create. There are ways to avoid global warming and this little gesture is very important.

Give them a new life

If we have an old mobile phone that still fulfils some of its functions, we can choose to give it a new use, leaving our main phone for the really important functions. There are many functions this old phone can surely fulfil before we recycle it.

One of the most common functions for secondary telephones is that of multimedia consumption, either for the smallest of the house or for ourselves. This allows us, among other functions, to leave our mobile charging while we choose to watch YouTube or other platforms on this multimedia phone. Mobile phones have a long life, although for our daily use it is no longer sufficient, they may be able to offer hours of fun several years later.

Sell our old mobiles

One way to recycle mobile phones is by selling them to companies that are dedicated to them, later separating the parts so that new terminals can be created, and recycling our old mobile devices piece by piece. Depending on the time and the failures that the smartphone suffers, we can obtain significant income, something that is good for all of us and never hurts. If we browse the Internet, we will find several companies dedicated to the purchase and recycling of smartphones.

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