When Is the Galaxy Fold Coming Out?

Michael Adams
July 29, 2019

Big tech is trying to push the boundaries of smartphones every single year, hoping to make your sci-fi dreams a complete reality. Now there are phones with in-screen fingerprint scanners, face unlock capabilities and location tracking. Companies like Samsung are now trying to create a folding phone, which has proven difficult. Read more to find out what’s happening with the model.

What Is the Galaxy Fold?

The Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s attempt at a sleek, foldable smartphone with six cameras and an HDR+10 display. Two panels are attached side-by-side to create an enormous 7.3-inch screen. When the user is finished their task, they can “fold” the phone in half and tuck it away.

When Is It Coming Out?

The Galaxy Fold’s release date was supposed to be April 26th of this year, and then that release was pushed back. Reports stated that there would be a release in June or July. However, there is still no confirmation on an exact date. The company has been relatively silent about this important detail.

The company Huawei decided to also delay its launch for its foldable model called the Huawei Mate X. The Huawei Mate X was originally revealed in February this year and was set to launch in April, but the company changed that after noticing problems with the Fold’s early reviews. So far, the launch date for the Mate X has been moved to September.

Why the Long Delay?

Tech enthusiasts were excited about the new form, but the unconventional design of the Galaxy Fold has brought more headaches than praise for Samsung. Early reviewers found that the phones had massive design flaws, and some even had theirs break during the test-runs.

Another knock against the Galaxy Fold is its shockingly high price tag, which is just shy of $2000 at the moment. This whopping cost doesn’t include extras like sales tax, warranties and accessories. That’s a lot of money for a phone that has been rumored to break easily.

What About the Other Folding Phones?

Only to make the situation more muddled, rumors are swirling that Samsung is planning to release three new foldable phones in the future. These ambitious plans are confusing because the Galaxy Fold has dealt with so much controversy and has yet to be released. This seems like the company is in a rush to get past the speed bump and keep moving forward.

Tech reviewer Zach Epstein from BGR points out that the announcement about the Galaxy Fold 2 and other foldable models could be a good thing because the second attempt at the design will likely be a major improvement from the first. Epstein recommends skipping the Galaxy Fold ‘ whenever it comes out ‘ and waiting a year for the Fold 2 launch.

What Should You Do Now?

If you want a foldable phone, you can follow Epstein’s advice to wait for the second model to launch sometime next year. In the meantime, you can keep your current phone in top condition with the help of a durable case. Take a look at Samsung Galaxy cases you can’t find anywhere else and pick one out to protect your device from permanent damage from drops and accidents. Pair that case with a strong screen protector to make your phone impact-proof.

If you don’t have already have a Samsung phone, you can get one of the company’s more traditional options. They may not have the novelty of folding in half, but they’ll be a lot more durable and reliable.

Take the latest release of the Galaxy S10 line. Every single phone in the line has received high praise from tech experts and everyday users alike. The Galaxy S10 Plus was called the ultimate Android phone by the website Tom’s Guide and received a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars for its strong battery life, exceptional cameras and beautiful screen. And YouTuber The Tech Millennial admitted that they switched to the S10 after only using iPhones for ten years straight.

The Galaxy Fold is clearly surrounded by controversy, but it’s important to remember that plenty of first-time tech innovations have suffered the same rough starts. It’s possible that they will need to get through this difficult period before finding the right design methods and materials. Who knows? Everyone could have a luxury folding smartphone five years from now.

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