We7 music streaming service comes to Android

Jonathan Morris
September 20, 2010

The we7 music streaming service has today come to Android, offering free access to millions of songs for £10 per month. we7 is available with a two-week free trial.

The premium service, available with a subscription at £9.99 per month, gives access to millions of songs that can be streamed or cached on your Android phone.

The amount of music you can store on your phone is limited only by the amount of storage space available.

A two-week trial is available, which can be enabled from within the app itself. Unlike many free trials, you do not need to enter any payment details or remember to cancel the trial within a certain time to prevent it automatically signing you up.

we7 has provided information of the features of the Android app:

The new Android we7 application has had a significant facelift from its iPhone counterpart and includes features such as:-

  • New user interface.
  • Off-line mode – save/cache tracks to phone to play when no connection
  • we7 themed playlists and editorial
  • Create, add and save playlists on phone and sync to on-line account
  • Access and sync with personal on-line playlists
  • Browsing capability for saved songs, artist and albums
  • Play now, play next, play last options when cueing music
  • Search ‘more from’ artist or album currently playing
  • Popular songs , albums and artists displayed and available
  • Background mode – play music while doing something else on phone
  • Full online search of six million songs, albums and artists on we7 catalogue
  • Replay, random play and edit player queue
  • Haptic feedback support
  • Free two week trial set up from phone
  • Number of songs ‘offlined’ ie saved to phone limited only by available storage.

To download the app, go to Android Market and search for ‘we7‘.

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