We won the Motorola Mega Jackpot!

Jonathan Morris
March 25, 2009

Everything sounded genuine until we read the line about the opportunity being brought to us “as a result of the high profit that Motorola Company have made over last year”.


Of all the businesses to use to try and scam people out of money, they picked Motorola!! Idiots.

If you’re the one person on the planet not aware of this type scam, let us explain; anyone replying to this unique email (note the ‘To: undisclosed-recipients’ part which suggests you’re not THAT special) will be asked to pay money as an administrative charge to get access to your winnings. You might also be asked to give personal information that will allow them to clean out your bank account. Yes, you definitely do not want to do it.

Should you be lucky enough to win and get this email too (we reckon quite a few will), you know what to do…

From: Motorola Company
Date: 25 March 2009 16:15:53 GMT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Winner

52 Chiswell Street, The City,
London, EC1Y 4SD, United Kingdom
Ticket No: 45397
Batch No: MOTO/2787/334/944/08
Serial No: 43624
  Congratulations to you, from the MEGA JACKPOT
held by Motorola company World wide few days ago
your email address attached with ticket number:
45397 with Serial number 6525/06 and draw number
6 Meaning you have been approved to claim the sum
of £400,000 (Four hundred thousand pound) . We
want  to inform you that we are bringing this
opportunity to you as a result of the high profit
that Motorola Company have made over last  year
and we also want people to know more about our
products. You are advice to get back to us with
the below information for proper verification.

Full Name:___________________________________
Mailing address:_______________________________
Permanent house address:___________________
Country of resident:____________________________
Phone Number:_____________________________
Fax Number:_______________________________
Winning Email:______________
Next Of Kin:___________________________

Once the above information has been received then
we shall process your winning prize (£400,000)
attach to the Batch No: MOTO/2787/334/944/08 for
the immediate delivery to you. Once more all the
members of Motorola company say congratulations
to you.
For more information.
Contact us with the below information.
Mr Roland Peter,

Correo Electronico, Gobierno del Distrito Federal.


In case anyone cares, the address is actually the former Whitbread brewery, but the email address is from Hong Kong!


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