WATCH: Someone is running Windows 95 on Android Wear, for some reason

Callum Tennent
October 6, 2014

You know that famous internet fact about how a modern Microsoft Word file wouldn’t fit on a traditional floppy disk? It’s so interesting because it’s hard to believe just how rapidly computing technology advances.

What we have here is something along the lines of the next step in the evolution of that fact. It turns out that Windows 95, the world’s most popular desktop operating system for many-a-year around a decade ago, can now be run on a smartwatch.

Some crazy/smart/crazy-smart person has managed to get Windows 95 running on their Samsung Gear Live. Using the Google Play Store they’ve installed ADosBox on it – an emulator which faithfully reproduces Windows 95.

When you consider that your average desktop PC in 1995 had just 8MB (eight) of RAM and a hard-drive of 500MB, it’s not really all that hard to believe. Still, it’s crazy to see something that would have seemed nearly impossible 20 years ago in action.

It doesn’t run flawlessly, it must be said, although this is highly likely to be an emulation issue rather than due to any hardware limitation. Mouse functionality even seems pretty good on such a small screen thanks to a virtual pad.

Check it out for yourself at the top of the page.

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