WATCH: Amazon releases its first trailer for it’s upcoming ‘3D’ smartphone… sort of

Callum Tennent
June 5, 2014

Big news: the highly publicised but little-revealed Amazon smartphone now has a concrete announcement date – June 18th. That’s pretty soon.

To mark the fact, Amazon has put out a trailer for it. Although it’s more like a teaser, in honesty, as we don’t actually  see  the device. The frustration is amplified by being made to watch half a dozen slack-jawed American fawn over it, gushing wide-eyed generic praise all the while. That said, if those reactions are genuine then that’s good. Plus it lends credence to the rumours that the smartphone will feature glasses-less 3D, presumably in the style that the Nintendo 3DS does. The lucky users in the trailer bob their heads and gyrate their upper bodies around the device, taking it all in.

Go ahead and check it out at the top of the page. Meanwhile, we’ll be sat here twiddling our thumbs until Amazon shows us the real deal on June 18th.

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