Vodafone unveils Lumia 925 pricing and plans

Alex Walls
June 7, 2013

Vodafone has unveiled its pricing and plans for the 4G Lumia 925.

The network will offer the 32GB version in black exclusively, which would be available free on its Red L price plan for £34 per month (coming with unlimited minutes, texts and 2GB of data).

The phone, which Nokia has called a ‘flagship variation’, was available for pre-order now, Vodafone said.  Pay monthly customers could sign up with the Data Test Drive plan, the network said.

Meanwhile Three has also confirmed the device was available now for pre-order and on sale from June 21, on the Ultimate Internet 500 plan, from £35 per month, or £37 per month on The One Plan.

O2 has said it would offer the the white version of the device available for pre-order since May 30 and in store from June 13, on its Refresh tariffs.

Everything Everywhere and Carphone Warehouse said they had no information about the device at this time.

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