Virgin Media O2: 57 per cent of Brits suffer from charge anxiety at concerts

Megan Robinson
October 28, 2022

The study suggested that 45 per cent of gig-goers would opt out of going to a concert if they couldn’t take photos or videos because they worried their battery would die

Virgin Media O2’s recent research revealed that 57 pc of concert lovers felt charge anxiety, as they feared their phone battery running out at a show.

The study highlighted that gig-goers spend an average of 14 minutes of each concert they attend capturing content on their phone.

Around 45 pc of Brits wouldn’t choose to go to a concert as they couldn’t take photos or videos, as the study recorded that 76pc of people take photos and videos every time they attend a concert.

Additionally, 18pc worry about not being able to capture content if their mobile battery runs out during a performance, with 33pc of 18–24-year-olds claiming they suffer this every time they’re at a gig.

The research also revealed that 59 pc of 18-24 year-olds have taken their tablets or iPad as backup to record a gig.

Jayd Williams, Head of Music Partnerships & Sponsorship, O2 Academy at Virgin Media O2, said: “It’s clear that music fans want to be able to capture the moment when they’re at a music event without fear of their phone running flat.

“Since the rise of social media, sharing photos and videos of events has become the norm, with gig-goers wanting to show off their experience and what artists they’ve seen.

“Whether it’s for the likes or the personal memories – so they can re-watch and relive the moment – it seems that we now live in an age of ‘did you even go if you didn’t take a photo?”

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