Vine for Windows Phone officially released

Jordan O'Brien
November 12, 2013

Windows Phone users have watched those with phones running Android and iOS take short little video clips and share them with the world for quite a while now, without its own official app — forced to use unofficial solutions such as 6sec.

Fortunately from today Windows Phone users will be able to take their six second video clips as well as watch others directly from the Windows Phone app. We first heard about the app back at the Lumia 1020’s unveiling, but it’s taken several months to get to this point, although it wasn’t all in vain. Vine has taken advantage of some of the Windows Phone bells and whistles, including the ability to pin Vine users to the Start screen, and the existence of the Vine lens in the Camera app.

The app isn’t yet available in the Windows Phone store, but it’s set to arrive within the next few hours.

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