Vine update allows users to share pre-recorded videos

Saqib Shah
August 20, 2014

Short-form video sharing service Vine has introduced a host of new tools as part of a new update that rolls out on iOS today.

Foremost among the upgrades is the ability to share older videos from your device’s gallery.

Previously Vine users could only upload six second clips recorded via the app. That wasn’t always the easiest of options, especially when you wanted to record spontaneous action.

The update, which rolls out on iOS today and on Android at a later date, will allow users to upload selected chunks of videos recorded outside of Vine.

This basically means that you can edit down a longer video of you – for example – chugging several beers, in to a six-second highlight reel that best displays your drinking skills.

Other tools introduced as part of the new update include a focus-lock feature for the front-facing camera, editing functions like a duplicate shot button, a mute button to erase sound from a video, and a torch mode that turns on your phone’s flashlight so you can record in the dark.

Vine has also revealed that more than 100 million people watch videos on its app every day and that Vine loops play more than a billion times a day.

Overall, it is a testament to how big the platform has become with Vine videos now being shared all over the web.

Recently, however, users of the service have come under fire for uploading copyrighted materials such as goals from football matches.

It will be interesting to see how this behaviour is curbed going forward, especially in light of these enormous figures.


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