Using Your Phone as a Satnav Could Soon Land a Fine

Thomas Wellburn
August 25, 2017

UK police could soon begin imposing fines of up to £200 and a permanent ban if the driver uses a satnav behind the wheel.

A clampdown on motorists using smartphones behind the wheel has been gradually gaining force since April, when the police introduced fines for drivers who call and text.

While using a smartphone to navigate won’t be illegal in itself, the device will need to secured firmly in place. Holding a smartphone in your hand while trying to navigate is a definite no-no and could see fines of up to £200 plus a sanction. Drivers who have held their licence for less than two years can be disqualified, while experienced road users would face a six point penalty.

Motorists are able to use a handheld device only if the vehicle is safely parked in a secure location. Those who find the case going to court could face a maximum fine of up to £1000.

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