Unibeauty – LG G4 could be getting all-metal design

Thomas Wellburn
June 15, 2015

Korean news site ET News announced today that LG could be planning to release an all-metal version of the popular LG G4.

Rumours suggest that the phone will be a ‘Pro’ version of the existing LG G4, though what exactly it will include remains to be seen.

The LG G4 already carries industry-leading specifications that far surpass most of its competitors, so it’s hard to know exactly which areas the korean firm will be looking to improve. The Snapdragon 820 is expected to be available later this year but it will most likely be too late for the G4 Pro. Rumours suggest LG is prepping for a ‘close’ launch, this suggests it could even be summer. If the new LG G4 Pro is anything the previous Pro 2 from last year, perhaps the company will increase the screen size to 6-inches and include a bigger battery?

While that would definitely please some fans, others might be a little disappointed that the only way to get their hands on a unibody G4 involves buying a phone which teeters on the edge of phablet territory. Still, it’s important to remember that these are all rumours and nothing is currently set in stone. There may still be hope for a true unibody LG G4.

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