ULTION Smart Lock: A possible solution to stopping the rise in lock snapping burglars

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November 21, 2019

With Christmas fast approaching and families across the UK going Christmas shopping and buying high priced items such as new phones, gadgets and other expensive gifts. There is an increased risk of burglary especially with the dark nights are drawing in there is a real risk of lock snapping to your home.  

Lock Snapping is the technique of snapping a particular type of lock cylinder in two by applying the right level of force and removing the outside of the lock. Once the locking mechanism is exposed that is when the issue arises. As someone trying to get in your house can use a simple household tool.   

A way of preventing lock snapping is to increase your security as it can take only 9 seconds to remove a lock on a door without proper security. A method of Security could be the use of some smart home technology in the shape of the Ultion Smart Lock.

The Ultion SMART lock appears to look like a normal everyday door lock and handle but it’s so much more.

Inside this door lock consists of smart home technology that has geo-unlocking and voice activation. The Ultion Smart lock did not want to look out of place as sometimes it makes it look like your hiding something and then burglar will prepare themself to break in your house. The Ulton Smart lock also allows for the use of a real key as a backup which I found very useful as my parents are not the most tech-savvy people. This is a feature no other smart lock can provide. 

The Ultion Smart offers this increased security via its lockdown mode so if your house was under attack a hidden lock activates when attacked and this is the USP and is backed by locksmiths and is award-winning such as industry accreditations such as sold secure diamond and secure by Design.   

Here where this door lock becomes a key part of your smart home operation. The Ultion Smart can be opened via voice control via your Amazon Alexa or Siri via Apple Homekit or you can use Bluetooth via accompanying App. You can also use a wireless keypad to access via Pin or you can just use the key.

In regards to the smart methods mentioned this is done using an encrypted connection between the lock and the User’s phone.

You can also use GPS and Bluetooth technologies that can automatically unlock the door when some trusted users such as a builder or your cleaner if you have one or even a family friend coming to walk the dog while your out.  

The Ultion Smart Bluetooth model costs £229 while the Z-Wave model costs £259 and which is the same price as the Apple Homekit version.  Ultion even offers a £1000 Security Guarantee they are that confident of there product.

How to fit a Lock Lock handle from Brisant-Secure on Vimeo.

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