Tube Map app gets Oyster card integration

Jonathan Morris
August 18, 2011

The Tube Map app, from mxData, has not only exceeded five million downloads since 2009 – but it now also adds the ability to check your Oyster card balance.

Tube Map App V3.4 is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 and it’s also free!

mxData also has similar apps for travellers in Barcelona and New York.

Tube Map App features:

  • The iconic, official, licensed Tube Map and Oyster Map from TfL.
  • Live station and route updates
  • Oyster Card balance screen check screen
  • The World’s fastest route planner
  • Location of your nearest station
  • Station tagging – tap stations on the map to tag, and you can quickly plan journeys between home, work and social engagements. Tags also appear as icons on the map so you can customize the map to your own preferences
  • Twitter integration, ensuring that Tube Map app users receive the most up to date information on the fast-changing status of London’s travel network
  • Users can view departure boards of National Rail stations if they have mxData’s myTrains app installed
  • Map extension to Zone 9
  • iPhone landscape mode

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